A Talk in University of Polytechnic Hong Kong

Organized by Mr. Fung Ho Yin, photography by Mr. Chiu Kwun Yu, Enzo.

By January, Zernike Au of our company was invited by Professor of University of Polytechnic Hong Kong to have a talk for the students of the Visual Communication Design.

The University of Polytechnic is the only university in Hong Kong that provide a full range of design education from sub degree, to honours degree, to post graduate levels.

Mr. Fung Ho Yin is an assistant professor of the School of Design and he teaches photography for the Visual Communication Design student in the BA (HONS) in Design programme, which includes a few weeks of Pinhole Photography exploration with his students.

During the talk, Zernike share his experience in making the pinhole cameras, problems in manufacturing. He also talk about the activities for pinhole photography on internet, like the WorldWide Pinhole Photography Day and Mr. Rob Duarte who arrange the Pinhole Cards Swap every year since 2001. Zernike also show his own collection of prints from the Swap to the students.

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