Pinhole Book by Steve Gosling

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A fine art monograph of black & white pinhole landscape photographs (entitled ‘Lensless Landscapes' ) by professional photographer, Steve Gosling, is due to be published in November 2008. All the photographs in the book were taken with a handmade wooden & brass pinhole camera.

This book will be a high quality, casebound edition in a limited print run that is destined to become as collectible as his exhibition prints. Each copy will be numbered & signed by the photographer.

The RRP is £35 but is available to those who pre-order at a special discounted price of £30 plus P&P (no payment required at this stage).

If you would like further information or want to pre-order copies then contact Steve Gosling via e-mail at -

Book Title: ‘Lensless Landscapes'

ISBN: 978-0-9560175-0-5

Published by: Papero Publishing





For more information please contact:

Steve Gosling

Mobile: +44 (0) 776 996 7933







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