What is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day?

The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is the original idea of a pinhole photographer, camera designer and camera maker ~   Zernike Au (founder of Zero Image company) from Hong Kong ~who want to have a day in every year for the pinhole lovers. Just like Mother's day or Father's day. After his suggestion, group of pinhole lovers from the world come together and form an organization team for this event. They all are pinhole enthusiasts including Guy Glorieux from Canada, Jean Daubas from France, Edward Levinson from Japan, Guillermo Peñate from El Salvador, Zernike Au from Hong Kong, and some guys from USA. They plan to have this special day on every last Sunday of April. For 2006, the date is 30th April.

In this special day, people are encourage to make pinhole cameras, take pinhole photos, post it to the internet and share it with the world.

This office site is in multi language, they provide a place for people to post and exhibit, there are lots of information about pinhole photography and have a support team to help you.

How WPPD is created?

It is by the day of Valentine's day, 2001, Zernike Au post a question to one of the the pinhole discussion list:

"Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Pinholer's Day!  Can we have a day for the pinholers from all over the world?" 

Prompt response is "Every day is pinhole day". Then Zernike post his utopian dream:



The date for "Pinholer's Day" is not important, the most important thing is
that there is a special day (it is much better if this day is public
holiday, not weekend or Sunday, ha...) for all of us to celebrate and do
something for the pinhole photography, exhibition, swap, meeting...It will be funny if some of us can have the chance to read the newspaper
after 1000 years:


Today is Pinholer's Day. We don't know how it comes. We just know there are
a group of people about 1000 (maybe 1200) years ago use a special box with a
small hole to capture memory (they call it images), it's amazing that our
advance technology can't do that! They use oat tin, box, shoes, pepper, saw
blade to capture memories, all these material can only be found in the
museum now!!! They come from all over the world and they communicate with an
old method call "email", they meet together at "Pinhole Vision", now we
cannot find the location of this country.
In this day, photo lovers will put away their expensive camera equipment and
capture memories with whatever materials that they can use.
So, HAPPY PINHOLER'S DAY  to you all.
Zero 3000 News, Editor: Zernike, Date: 2/15/3000

Enjoy Pinholin'


After that, other members react so quickly and put all their efforts to help to create this special day. They form an organizing team and lots of volunteers work on many aspect for the WDDP. The press releases, the site construction, translations...It is miracle that they work all it out in about one month's time, amazing! The power of the pinhole is incredible!

The first Worldwide Pinhole Photography have more than 300 participants from all over the world. So come and join us by this year.



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