Retina 3C Zone Plate Cameras 

Here you can see how I convert the 135 format and 4 x 5 format camera to a zone plate camera. 

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Kodak Retina 3c

This is a Kodak Retina 3c camera, the front and rear lens are removed.

A brass adaptor ring is machine turned and it works as 

an extension ring as well. The zone plate is stick on  the brass ring.


The brass ring fits into the camera with it's "spring" mount,

neither screw mount nor bayonet mount. It can be removed easily.

The front door of the camera can be closed  without removing the brass ring.

Focal length of this zone plate camera is 65mm,

with 7 clear zones and f-stop is f64.9.

~Zernike Au, Hong Kong~



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