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Calm & Chaos Tokyo

"A photography exhibition by Michael S Feather consisting of large 1m by 1.5m colour prints taken with a Zero Image 6 by 9 Pinhole camera. The photographs are taken at various locations around Tokyo and represent the photographers feelings of this unique and vibrant city; sometimes an oasis of calm and sometimes seemingly chaotic. Through long exposures that are part of pinhole photography he is trying to capture this Calm and Chaos in a visual way."

Michael S Feather 
MSFeather LTD
mobile: 090-1058-8313
office: 03-6423-0770



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24 February, 2011



Lensless Landscapes Workshop - the Lake District, Cumbria, UK 
(4th to 6th May 2011)

A three day workshop designed for pinhole photographers (using film or digital, home made or purpose built cameras and adaptors). These workshops will draw upon my several years experience of lensless imaging to help a small group of participants (a maximum of 6 people) to explore the potential and the challenges of pinhole photography. 

For the Lake District workshop we will be based in Keswick and from there we will explore the splendour of the northern lakes e.g. Derwent Water, Buttermere, Crummock Water.

The cost for this workshop is £300 for the three days tuition (NB Accommodation, food & transport not included).'


Steve Gosling

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14 February, 2011



Pinhole photography by Bob St. Cyr

Bob St.Cyr currently has an exhibition of Pinhole Photography under the theme: Cafe Conversations. The show wraps-up this weekend (11th July) with a short lecture/presentation on pinhole imaging at the Legacy Gallery downtown Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

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16 March, 2010



Exhibition exploring the art of Pinhole photography


16 March, 2010



Lensless Landscapes Worskhop - Yorkshire Coast (19th to 21st May 2010)


April 23, 2010">April 23, 2010 minute cancellation I now have one place available on my forthcoming pinhole photography workshop This is a three day workshop designed for pinhole photographers (particularly owners of Zero Imaging cameras although any 'pinhole-ographer' using film or digital cameras will be welcome). This workshop will draw upon my several years experience of lensless imaging to help a small group of participants (a maximum of 6 people) to explore the potential and the challenges of pinhole photography. We will be based in Whitby and from there explore the varied coastline to the north and south from Saltburn down to Scarborough.
A place for the 3 days costs £280 (please note that this doesn't include food, transport or accommodation). If you're interested in taking up this opportunity then please get back to me as soon as possible (the original 6 places sold very quickly). With best wishes

Steve Gosling
www.stevegoslinApril 23, 2010April 23, 2010style29"> 

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16 March, 2010


Levens Hall through a pinhole

Three English photographers, Rob Bridson, Graham Whitwham, Tom Whitehead, spent a year at one of England's most famous old houses taking photographs with their pinhole cameras. An exhibition of their photographs is at Levens Hall, Cumbria, UK until October 2010. They have just produced a book of 78 pinhole photographs to accompany the exhibition. To see the book go to

To see more of their pinhole work go to the website www.pinholelight.co.uk


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26 March, 2010


Zero Image Flickr Group

Don't miss the Zero Image Flickr Group where there are more than 650 photos made with Zero Image cameras. The administrator of this group is Oliver Rockwell of Blue Moon Machine. You are welcome to join the group and share your images with other Zero camera users.

Now more than 1400 Zero Image photos can be found at

Don't miss the excellent photos of the 2005 and 2006 gallery...
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Exhibition of The Month (April 2010)

Kevin g. Gepford, USA


Zero 2000 Image


Craig Sterling, France


Zero 6x9 Image


Konstantinos S. A. Kissas, Greece


Zero 135 Image


Khramova Nadejda, Russia


Zero 2000 Image


Mark Ellerby,
United Kingdom


Zero 2000 Image


María Luisa Santos Cuéllar, Oaxaca, Mexico


Zero 612F Image


Ralf Wirth, Germany

Zero 2000 Image


PerryWay, USA


Zero 4 x 5 Image




Zero 612 Image


Thomas Bertilsson , USA


Zero 2000 Image


Andrey Kopyshev, Moscow, Russia

Zero 69 Image



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