Where to get a take up spool?


We receive several enquiries from our customers that they are so surprise that our camera don't have a take up spool. We anounce here once again: We are sorry for that because we were no able to collect the spool. Less and less people here in Hong Kong use 120 roll film. Most of the professionals move to digitals!!!

For those who are new to 120 roll film or those who don't have a take up spool, you can ask your local lab for the spools. They will happy to give you some freely because the spools are no use to them after they process the films for their customers.

In case you cannot find a lab that can provide you with the spool, you have to waste a fresh roll film. Buy the cheapest one! Then save every spool of your roll film for further use.

Many years later maybe we need to hunting for this spool from collector's item on e-bay or antinque shops!

~Zernike, 1th Sept, 2007~



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