Viewfinder by Malcolm

Here is a brilliant viewfinder. A meter of string! Work out angle of view from left to right for your format. For the 2000 6x6 this is 90 degrees. From a given viewpoint work out what features in your view would be at the edges of the frame. Tie a 3 inch loop in one end of the string and put your left index finger through. Hold the other end with your right fingers. Using your thumbs as sites, extend your arms so each points to the edge features. Tie a loop in the right end. Job done. To viewfind future shots, put the loops over each index finger and using your thumbs as sites, extend your arms until the string is taught(which will consistently make an angle of 90 between your arms). Highly accurate!


Special thanks to Mr. Malcolm Dvaies from United Kingdom share with us his brillian viewfiner.

7th February, 2008




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