Do Something For the Others: Decorating the Pinhole Camera


Zeitouna Project is a team of volunteer artists, athletes and dentists who traveled to southern Turkey to help Syrian refugee children.  The team taught art and sport to help bring joy to these displaced children's lives. 


Our pinhole friend Zeb Andrews is one of the summer 2014 team member. In order to support his project, we will donate some of our camera for Zeb to use in the class and leave them to the child as a gift. We have gather some artist, designers, illustrators and students of HK University of Polytechnic to decorate the cameras. Hope we can send some cares and loves from Hong Kong.





Cameras collected from HK Polytechnic University:




Decorated Cameras:


Click on image to see larger photo

Click on image to see larger photo.



Special thanks to the following participants:

Mr. Fung Hong Yin of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for arranging the students to participant.

Windy Tam, illustrator

Connie Ho, designer

Phoebe Lam, designer

Norman Mao, artist

Rachael Yip, health coach

Ada Cook, artist

Olivia Leung, dancer

Celia Wong, art teacher

and design students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

Chu Wing Nam, Ruby

Lam Janice Lum

Sze Po Shan, Ella

Cheang Josefa Ming Yui

Wong Stephanie Hoi Ning

Luk Pui Shan, Zoe

Mak Wai Shan, Lorraine

Kwok Hiu Ling

Heung Kwan Kei, Banana

Chan Sze Ting, CTing

Liu Siu Ping, Sharon

Tsang Po Cuen, Samuel

NG Cho Yiu, Cynthia, seewhy ​

CHIU Yan Wah, Mandy

TAM Wing Ki, Vicky

WONG Kei Ying, Agatha

KWOK Ngar Ying, Pearl

HUI Chung Hong

LAU Dee Men, Emily Lau

NGO Sin Ying, Emily

KAM Cheuk Wai, Matthew

NGAN Wing Hei, Zoe