Pinhole Images by Tony Colonello

copyright 2005 Tony Colonello


Camera: Zero Image 2000


My name is Tony Colonello from Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

These images are from the first 2 rolls of film that went through my Zero 2000 camera.
On my return from Thailand I lost my data book but one roll was Fuji Reala and the other was Agfa XPS 160. The exposure times were between 4 and 90 seconds.

I do not know what happened with Scan10002 but I wish I could recreate that effect.

I think the best thing about pin hole photography is how it forces you to slow way down and think about the scene, your equipment and what you want to capture. It is a wonderful escape from this 'point and shoot' world we live in.
One final thing; a big THANK YOU to my lovely Isaan Bride Mitwara who tolerated her husbands' running around Khon Kaen with a wooden box attached to a tripod constantly talking to himself. And how she patiently explained to bystanders that he was not another farang that had been in the sun too long but that it was a real camera.
And thank you Mr Zernike Au for a wonderful camera and the peacefulness it brings to my soul.

~ Tony Colonello, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA~ 

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