Pinhole Images by Celeste Brignac

 copyright 2007 Celeste Brignac



Zero 6x6 pinhole camera, tri-x pan film, 3 second exposure.

Several years ago, when all of my fellow photographers were diving into the digital world, I decided to take a step back from it all. I was still enjoying the amber glow of safelights and the enchantment of my darkroom and I became determined to get back to the bare roots of photography. I was anxious to let go of the control even a lens offered, and rely on my vision to create my images. The pinhole camera provided me with that opportunity.
Today I shoot with several different pinhole cameras. A few I have purchased and some I have created myself. The risk and the uncertainty of pinhole cameras have given me a freedom that does not compare to anything else I have ever created a photograph with. To me, it is the perfect tool for representing the world as I see it.

~ Celeste Brignac, Australia ~ 


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