Pinhole Images by DANIELE COLCIAGO

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Camera: Zero 6x6 pinhole camera.

I received the 6x6 camera. I immediately used it. It’s a very interesting and amusing way to take photographs. No USB cable, no battery, no battery charger, no drives, no electronic device, no “bip bip”, no memory card!!!! Very simple the use of exposure-meter ruler without risk to do any sort of hallaballoo!!!!

I envoy you my first experiments made with 6x6 Zero pinhole camera for the Gallery. I named the picture files with the title of the pictures. I used Kodak Tmax 400 professional and Ilford PanF Plus 50 exposed according to the lightmeter of the camera. The still life picture has been correct with Nero-express. All pictures have been scannered with HP PSC 1410 scanner.



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