Pinhole Images by Steve Gosling

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Zero 6x6 pinhole camera

Award winning photographer Steve Gosling ( ) has three exhibitions of his distinctive black & white pinhole photographs planned for 2007.

The first ‘A Point of View' (of shots taken in the North East of England) will be held in the Grantham Room, Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire between 31 st March and 29 th April 2007 (Tel. 01423 322583) .

An extensive set of prints from locations around the UK will be shown in his second exhibition, ‘Lensless Landscapes' . This will have its first showing at the Dales Countryside Museum , Hawes, North Yorkshire from 5 th to 26 th June 2007 (Tel. 01969 666210).

‘Lensless Landscapes' will also be shown at Gibson Mill (National Trust), Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire from 21 st July to 26 th August 2007 (Tel. 01422 844518).'

~ Steve Gosling, United Kingdom ~ 


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