6 x 9 Wooden Pinhole Camera by Zernike Au

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This is a 90mm pinhole camera in 6 x 9 format. It accepts 120 roll film. 

This camera is made of laminated wood timber (1/8" thickness) and wooden strips (walnut) from the model kit of a wooden ship.

All wooden parts are glued together. The tripod mount is a "quick release" style which is simply made of ametal plate, nuts and difference sized washers.

The film advance knob is also made of a wooden strip. 

At the back of the camera, there is a film counter window. Which is opened and closed by sliding. 


From the above middle photo you can see the quick release tripod adaptor is removed from the camera. 

The film holder is the original metal part of the vintage box type camera (Agfa?) which I bought several years ago during a business trip to Chicago, USA. Now we can buy this camera easily at e-Bay. The front panel of the camera can slides to open for loading film.

This camera is one of the "proto-type" cameras which I made during the very early design stages of the Zero 2000 medium format camera. 

~Zernike Au, Hong Kong~

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