Zone Plate Camera converted by a Hasseblad


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This is a 65 mm zone plate camera converted by a Hasseblad 503CX medium format camera. The viewfinder works perfectly even in indoor light condition. You can see the "halo" effect through the viewfinder.

To convert an existing camera to a pinhole or zone plate is easy, simply measure the distance between the film plane and the pinhole hole, then calculate the size of the pinhole/zone plate. 

For this camera, I work on the body cap only. The original Hassablad body cap is difficult to work on  as there is a "bar" on the middle of it. I use a body cap from Kendo adaptor (adaptor for a Nikon camera to use Hasseblad Lens).
I cut a piece of  plastic tube to the length I want so as to get the focal length I prefer. The zoneplate holder  is made of plastic and is attached to the body cap by brass screw, nut and washer. Then spray all plastic part in flat black. The shutter (actually not a shutter) of the camera works well and no additional work is need. Is it simply? But this zone plate camera is rather expensive!!!

You may see some of photos took by this camera at our Gallery.

~Zernike Au, Hong Kong~


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