Pinhole Images by Ricardo Montesdeoca

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Commentary: From very early age I discovered the enchantment of the
estenopeica photography and "the magic of the moment" that follows
captivating.I am nowadays to me artist painter and photographer, at the
moment my tool of work is the Zero camera 2000.They can to see more on my
work in my website:
Name: Ricardo Montesdeoca.
Country: Islas Canarias.Spain
Engineering datas: Photographies of color: film Kodak Portra VC 160
HANDLES - Time of exhibition 2 seg. - Photographies of B & N:film Kodak
TMax 400 - Time of 7 exhibition seg - Camera Zero 2000.

~ Ricardo Montesdeoca, Spain ~ 

Dunas_II_icon.jpg Dunas_I_icon.jpg bajamar_I_icon.jpg 3helice_icon.jpg 2fuente_icon.jpg 1estacion_icon.jpg

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