The First Touch

Zone Plate Images and sculpture by Zernike Au

  Melting Bear   copyright 2005 Zernike Au

Camera: zone plate mount on Hasseblad 503 CX

Film: Fuji RDP
Exposure: Hensel 500 Studio light, full output, single flash

This series of photos got a very special meaning to me.

The sculptures were made by me more than ten years ago.

This is the first bear I sculpt. The bear in this photo is a duplication of the original sculpture. It looks like melting because I took it out from the mold before the material is fully cure.  

During the period I sculpt this bear, I was working as a graphic and product designer. We need to work for a long time everyday, sometimes need to work overnight. I can remember there is one project we need to work for two overnight, by the third day, I sit in my chair with my brain was fully empty, my eyelids were as heavy as a  iron, just like you can't use the B mode of a camera, I think the f/stop is f1/2, I couldn't keep my eye open! My hand was holding a pen and drawing but I didn't know what I was drawing! Finally my mouth kiss my leg  just like the melting bear!

This photo is a self-portrait of me about ten years ago!

This photo is dedicated to all designers in the world. 


~ Zernike Au, Hong Kong ~ 

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