Pinhole images by Mitsuhiro Nakano

Sekibutsu      copyright 2001 Mitsuhiro Nakano


Camera: Zero 2000

Film: Tri-X 400

Exposure 2 sec., Solution HC-110 1:7
Paper: Ilford RC multigrade satin

I often see dreams in black and white.  Sometimes, I write
down what is happen in my dream after I wake up, but unfortunately its
impossible to visualize what's exactly happened in a dream.  So I had always
wanted to have a dream video recorder when I was a child because a dream is
very easy to forget.   So I challenge to recreate a scene of my dreams by
using this pinhole camera and using a darkroom technique. These pictures
are only a few scenes of my dreams, so  I will continue to work with this
pinhole camera to produce more scene of my dreams.


~ Mitsuhiro Nakano ~ 

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