Pinhole images by Colin Talcroft

Chinese Restaurant Forecourt  copyright 2000 Colin Talcroft

Camera: Zero 2000

Exposure time: 4 sec.

Film: Kodak T-Max ASA 100


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I have been experimenting with lens and pinhole
photography since I was about 8 years old. In the past
five years or so I have focused on nudes and pinhole
work (sometimes combining the two). In making my nudes
I am always attempting to indulge the feelings of
desire that nude women arouse in me, yet, at the same
time, I have an intense interest in formal, abstract
design. My nude work always seems most right to me
when I have succeeded in creating something that
appeals simultaneously to both tendencies. Pinhole
cameras encourage a different way of visualizing
things. I like the slight fuzziness, the unusual
perspectives, and the sheer simplicity of making
photographs with nothing but a tiny hole and a dark
box. Half the fun of pinhole photography is in making
cameras, but recently I've done a lot of work with the
Zero 2000 pinhole camera. I like it for its
portability. I take it everywhere. Here are a few
examples of my work using the Zero 2000. To see more
of my pinhole work, please visit

Colin Talcroft Pinhole Photography

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Talcroft Fine Art Nude Photography

-Colin Talcroft-




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