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The Zero 2000 Worldview:

The First Print Swap Exhibition

 18 pinhole lovers from different countries share ideas and images made by the Zero 2000 camera in this trade . . . 

Don't miss it!

Don't miss it!

Don't miss it!


Guy Brown, from United Kingdom


study1.gif  dinning2.gif  wedding.gif  living1.gif

living2.gif  study2.gif  dinning1.gif  bathroom.gif

Hisun Wong, from Hong Kong


house icon mast icon sign icon station icon

floyd celluloyd, from Germany



James Kellar, from USA


Im turm 1 Auf Der Schaukel Blick durchs Turmfenster Im Turm 2

Dieter Bublitz, from Germany


George Schifini, from New York, USA


Pinhole Camera Made of Dreams and Passions-Zero Image

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