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Congratulations to Aurelio Bormioli from Italy...

Our Customer Aurelio Bormioli from Italy won some important awards in some of the most influential international photo contests:

For more detials, please visit:







You may also want to visit Aurelio's web site at: http://www.aureliobormioli.com/


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30th November., 2013


Article on Nobember issue of Hungarian edition of National Geographic

Our Customer Attila Hupján from Hungary has his works showing on
November issue of Hungarian edition of National Geographic:

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30th November., 2013


New Version of Zero 69, 69 Deluxe, 612F and 612B is now available

We are proud to anounce that our new verson of Zero 69, 69 Deluxe, 612F and 612B is now available.
The new version comes with a special designed edge protector which provide more protection to the edge of the camera.

It is becasue Christmas and New Year is coming, and our cameras are a good choice for a gift to your family, lovers, or friends, we decided to keep the price will be the same until end of 2013. Some of our customers already get this new version camera.

From 2014, we have to adjust the price so as to cover the crazy increase in material cost and shipping cost.
You may not want to see the new price list!!!

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31th Oct., 2013


Special Discount for Teachers and Students

In order to promote pinhole photography and let more people to explore the wonder world of pinhole photography, we help support students and teachers by providing them with a 20% discount on all our items (which is not already discounted or on sale). We need only to be able to ship the package to the school’s address in order to verify enrollment. The discount will be refund to you via Paypal or CCNow after the order transaction is completed. Contact us if you are teacher interested in getting special pricing on larger quantities of cameras.


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16th Oct., 2013


Coming Exhibition: Stephen Best

An exhibition of twelve images from his work will be shown at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre in Canberra in January 2014.



For details, please visit here.

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11th Oct., 2013


Zero Image Shop in Hong Kong is opened!

It is because the tax and shipping cost are getting higher and higher, more and more customers want to purchase our cameras when they visit Hong Kong,
the Zero Image Shop is now opened:

You are welcomed to our new shop and play with our cameras before you bring them home.

For details, please visit here.

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21th Aug., 2013


Photofringe festival in Krakow, Poland



Thanks for Konstantinos Kissas from Poland for sharing with us about the Photofringe Festival inKrow, Poland.

Konstantinois is our Zero camera use and here is his message:

Subject: Photos created with Zero 135 will be exhibited in Krakow Photofringe Festival

Message: Dear friends at Zero Image,
I am happy to inform you that I am participating Photofringe festival that takes place every May in Krakow, Poland.

For more details http://www.galeriafotografii.eu/#strona=exhibitions
I would be very happy to meet any Zero Image photographers are passing by Krakow between 13 - 24 May.

Konstantinos Kissas


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7th May, 2013


Zeb Andrews on TV



Zeb Andrews is an active pinhole photographer.
There was a recent TV special featuring him and pinhole photography.
Click here to see the video.

You can visit our gallery for more of Zeb's photo. Click here to see more of Zeb's Photo

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1st May, 2013


A Talk at the University of Polytechnic Hong Kong


Zernike Au of our company visited the University of Polytechnic Hong Kong again and having a talk to the students of the design department....

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8th Mar., 2013


CCnow is Back!

CCnow was bought by a company and they can continue to provide their service. Customers can enjoy shopping by CCnow

31th December, 2012

Zero Image Flickr Group

Don't miss the Zero Image Flickr Group where there are more than 650 photos made with Zero Image cameras. The administrator of this group is Oliver Rockwell of Blue Moon Machine. You are welcome to join the group and share your images with other Zero camera users.

Now more than 1400 Zero Image photos can be found at

Don't miss the excellent photos of the 2012 gallery...
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Enjoy It Now!

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Exhibition of The Month (Oct. 2013)

Marie Westerbom, Sweden

Zero 2000 Image



Exhibition of The Month (Sept 2013)

Jean Vicari, Genève

Zero 45 Image



Exhibition of The Month (April 2013)

Jos van Roij, Netherlands

Zero 612 Image


Ragoucy Pascal, France

Zero 2000 Image

Exhibition of The Month (March 2013)

Evan Lavine, USA

Zero 612 Image


Bob St.Cyr, Canada

Zero 612 Image

Suzanne Rochette, Canada

Zero 612 Image


Aleks Miesak, USA

Zero 45 Image

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