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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


Dec, 2013

I received a Zero 75B Deluxe for Christmas from my wife and
son. It\'s a gorgeous camera. I hope I can do it justice. I also
appreciated the hand drawn mistletoe on the shipping box.
Have a happy new year.

Harry Sargous

Harry Sargous, United States [27/12/13]


Nov, 2013

Subject: thanks for your cameras+exhibitons

Message: Dear Au Zernike,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful Zero cameras.
I\'ve used them since 2004 (Zero2000, then Zero612B and
Zero45 deluxe). At first, it was a hobby just for fun but it
has become very serious. Special pleasure for the many
exhibitions of the pictures I made with Zero cameras. Next
time on 2 December, in the Hungarian National
Dancetheater Gallery. This month, an article appeared in
the Hungarian edition of National Geographic, and photos
you made with my machines are also included. Thanks for
the help I could get in there, too! Attila Hupján (fregolik)

Attila Hupján, Hungary [30/11/13]


Hi, I hope you will appreciate that some photos made with your pinhole cameras, won some important awards in some of the most influential international photo contests: %20Art&level=student&compName=IPA%202013 %20Art&compName=PX3%202013&pro=student 13&uid=&code=Other_FA g=w&x=a&cid=223&fid=116567

Here below you can find the link to my website where there are five galleries devoted to pinhole photography: \" Pinhole 1 - 2 - 3 \" \" Blue \" \" Sea Visions \"


Aurelio Bormioli, Italy [30/11/13]


Sept, 2013

Dear Zernike,

You must think I'm crazy... 
But I just LOVE your cameras, I love to use them, and I love the results I get from them. And they are so incredibly beautiful to look at and to have.
So it is a great pleasure for me!

One of my sons may be interested too, but he hasn't decided yet...  So I may come back once again....

But I'm sure coming back with images for your gallery!

My new 612F is stunning, and the images are great!!
I love my little 2000 also. I have made a "pressure plate" for it that seems to work quite good.

Thank you for your beautiful work!!

Have a lovely weekend, and take your time with my camera, I'm in no hurry.
All the best

Marie, Sweden [3/11/13]


I received my Zero 2000 today.
Everything was ok with the post.
The objet is really magnificent; I'm really impatient to test it.



Customer's Review:

Spike Tennyson, Thailand [9/9/13]


August, 2013

Good Morning,
I cannot help but echo the words of other very satisfied customers. It is as you say...a beautifully crafted camera...a work of art. Delivery was as stated; three working days. I ordered Friday late afternoon and it was on my door Tuesday afternoon....Hong Kong to Australia.
With the weekend almost upon us, I will be out giving it a go.
Thanking you. Hi. Received it today. Stunning bit of craftsmanship!

Alan McFall, Australia [23/813]


July, 2013

Hi. Received it today. Stunning bit of craftsmanship!

Martin Hållö Spencer, Sweden[19/7/13]


Mar, 2013

Your product is well received. 

Product is very beautiful! 
This look and feel like walking into another world of photography.
Thank you.

Jongsik Lee, Korea[2/3/13]


Feb, 2013

Many thanks once again, wanted these for my new 5 x 4 delux which is , I must say, elegant and beautifully made. The whole concept is beautifully designed. Many thanks.

Dewi, Australia [28/2/13]


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Thanks to you all and happy pinholin'.

Zernike Au, President

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