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Pinhole Camera Made of Dreams and Passion...
Back to Nature Series
Zero 135 Basic
This new series of cameras are basically the same design as our traditional pinhole cameras, made of solid brass, high quality teak wood (for yacht making) with hard wax-oil finish which is far more eco-friendly. Not like lacquer finish, wax oil is very easy to apply. Therefore we can cut down the production time/cost a lot and offer a far more affordable price so more people can enjoy pinhole photography with our pinhole cameras.

This hard wax-oil finish not only maintaining the natural look of the wood, it also forms a highly durable barrier against water, stains, heat, dirt and wear and tear. It will not peel or flake and it is very easy to maintain.
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  • Accessories for Upgrade
    We don't have a deluxe version for this series. You can upgrade or configure your own style pinhole camera with our specially designed accessories. You can have more freedom to buy only the necessary accessories you need.

    Zero 135 basic pinhole camera + bubble level spirit.

    Zero 135 basic pinhole camera + cable release adaptor + with buble level spirit.

    We also offer a special discount and free installation if you order any of our accessories together with any of our pinhole cameras.

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  • Material: Teak Wood
    Weight: 6.5 Oz (185 gm)
  • Focal Length: 25mm
    Tripod socket: 1/4" Thread
  • Pinhole Size: 0.18mm
    Zone Plate (Optional): 25mm w/9 zones
  • Angle of View: 90.61° diagonally (Panoramic), 79.9° diagonally (135 format)
  • Dimension: 4 3/4" (L) x 1 5/8" (D) x 2 3/4"(H) including all knobs
  • Film Stop: F/138 for pinhole, F/45 for zone plate
  • Film Format: 35mm (23mm x 35mm), panoramic (23mm x 45m)
  • Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

  • Order: What you get?
    Zero 135B Basic
    Back to Nature Series basic camera
    Exposure Scale
    Brass plate w/serial no.
    Signed Certificate
    Instruction Manual
    • Price: US$81
    • S&H: US$31
    • Total: US$112
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