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Customer's Feedback
You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.

  • Dear Zernike Au,
    Just a quick note to let you know the camera was delivered to me this morning. It really is a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for your help.

    Steve Schanzer, USA [20/7/2019]
  • Dear Zernike Au,
    I received the package and both cameras yesterday, my daughter brought them to me. They are beautiful and I really like your work. It also makes me possible to realise pictures I'm very much interested in. Thank you for this.
    Best regards, Stéphane

    Stéphane, France [16/6/2019]
  • Hello Again Mr. Au,
    My 69D arrived on May 30th. Oh what a beautifully crafted camera. Absolutely beautiful. The pride you must have in your product shows not only in the camera, but in the manner in which you package it for its transit, and also in the service. Reason to feel pride in Zero Image.

    Last night I developed my first roll of film. Here is one of the images. It is a historic old mill on a beautiful creek near my home. Thank you again. Photography has been my passion since I was 16. I am 73 now and the fire of that passion has been greatly fuelled by your beautiful camera.

    Jim Williams , Canada [6/3/2019]
  • Thank you so much for installing that [cable release adapter] for me! I'll figure out a way to tape the filters on. I have 2 of your 6 X 9 - and love them! Truly, I appreciate your beautiful products and professional communication. Yours sincerely, Sally

    Sally Wood, USA [6/3/2019]
  • Hello Zernike, I received the camera and it looks awesome. I hope to take some pictures soon with it. We have rain for the next week, maybe after that. You did a great job on this camera. Kirk

    Kirk Loftis , USA [5/16/2019]
  • Dear Company!
    Thank you for your camera. Awesome structure! I think we will be good friends. The pictures made at the Duna river, Újpest, Budapest >From the first film with the new camera. Best regards, Vajda János - VajdaFotó

    Vajda János, Hungary [4/13/2019]
  • Camera received as described and beautiful. Thank you for a fast and easy transaction.

    Regards O Harrizi

    Omar harrizi , Australia [3/15/2019]
  • Dear Zernike, I received the Zero 810. Everything good! ...And really a beautiful camera, congratulations for your work !! ;-) I wish you the best! Aurelio

    Aurelio Bormioli, Italy [3/8/2019]
  • Dear Zernike Au, picked up the camera at customs today. Wonderful! Tanks a lot for your perfect support and fast delivery! Great to deal with you, very best regards and take care. Eberhard

    Eberhard Aigner, German[9/28/2018]
  • The Zero Image is at home. It looks great! Thank you for installing the accessories. So I can use it on my vacation, I'm very excited. It was a pleasure to order with your help. Thank you again! Yours sincerely,

    Dorota, Poland[9/21/2018]
  • Got it today thank you. It is so beautifully made. Can't wait to use it. Shipping was faster than some things I have ordered here in the states and it was well packaged. Your customer service was excellent also, timely & friendly service. Thanks again.

    Denny Noll, United States[7/9/2018]
  • Just got my camera today and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for your help and for making such a beautifully crafted camera. I also appreciate your customer service and communication throughout the ordering process. I’m so excited to shoot with this work of art.

    Kristin Eastwood, United States[22/5/2018]
  • I fall in Love with the Camera.....great work!

    Matthias Luis, Germany [24/3/2018]
  • Received 135 duel format camera. Thank you so much for the speed post!😊 will be ordering cable release adapter soon. Thanks again!

    Larry Stewart, [17/3/2018]
  • I just received my camera and couldn't be any happier. I had heard your cameras were well made and works of art, and now I'm a believer. Beautiful. I just loaded up my first roll and went for a walk even though it's only 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Couldn't wait. Thank you for your sincere work, and this won't be my last Zero Image.

    Tom Tckett Gough, [27/12/2017]
  • Good afternoon!
    Yesterday a series of my photos were projected on the 6x6m stage curtains of Dramaten theater in Stockholm during the Nobel reading by Kazuo Ishiguro. I cannot explain how honored I am as well as pleased that my imagery is finding this audience. Most of the photos are made with my wooden zone plate camera From you guys :-)!!

    Marcel [13/12/2017]
  • Dear Zero Image team , The Zero 810 has just arrived after some time in Spanish Customs. The camera is beautiful and I am sure I am going to enjoy it a lot. Thank you and best regards,

    Francisco, Spain [12/12/2017]
  • Yesterday recieven a Zero 2000 back to nature with, Cable Release Adapter, Bull\'s Eye bubble Level Spirit and Filter Adapter. Just \"Magnificent\"

    Rob Koenders [06/08/2017]
  • Hello, The camera arrived in perfect condition. What excellent workmanship. Regards,

    Paul Wolossow, United States [06/08/2017]
  • I have received this afternoon the zero image 4x5 75B and am already completely in love with it. Your cameras are the most beautifully crafted, the cleverest and the simplest one could wish for. This one is even more lovely, if at all possible, than my zero image 2000s. It actually looks like a jewish prayer book in its binding! I must confess that my first reaction when i opened the box was, i have to order immediately another one in case anything happens to this..and I might at that!

    Daphne Schnitzer, Israel [1/07/2017]
  • Just got the camera today. What a little beauty. Thank you for your prompt service!

    Joseph Shatus, United States [11/12/2016]
  • Dear Zernike Au
    Just to let you know that I have receive my camera (2000 back to nature #7158) today !
    It is even more beautiful in real than in picture lol !!! Thank you for a very fast and good service !
    I can’t wait to start to take pictures J Thank you and
    Best regards, Jean Cayer, Canada

    Jean Cayer, Canada [7/12/2016]
  • Dear Zernike Au
    My Order arrived already at the 16.11. 2016 !!! Very nice build, and thank you again! Best Regards Mario Kunz from Switzerland

    Mario Kunz, Switzerland [21/11/2016]
  • Hello Zernike, I hope that you are well. . . . I am extremely impressed with the camera. The build quality is superb, and the definition that it is capable of producing is astounding. I am really pleased with my purchase. I have put four films through the camera so far, and have been extremely satisfied with the results each time. I went on holiday last month to Cornwall in the UK, and deliberately left my ‘conventional’ camera at home, relying completely on my Zero 69. I found the exercise highly enjoyable and the resulting photographs truly amazing. In January next year, I have been invited to take pinhole camera portraits of some musician friends of mine, something that I am very much looking forward to. . . .

    Paul Woloschuk, United Kingdom [30/10/2016]
  • Hello, just a quick note to say THANK YOU!!!! I received my camera today (Zero 2000 Back to Nature serial 7132) and it\'s beautiful! Very happy with the product. I did not see any unboxing video on Youtube for your cameras so I made one It\'s in fench but I added english sub-titles You can share on your Facebook page if you want So Again thank you for such a great product! Gaetan Cormier

    Gaetan Cormier, France [26/10/2016]
  • Bonjour, J'ai bien reçu le ZeroImage et je vous en remercie. Il est magnifique et ce ween-end je vais l'essayer :) Si les photos sont réussies je les mettrai sur la galerie que vous m'avez gentiment réservée. Je vous dis à bientôt... Bien cordialement Anna

    Anna Garrigou , France [21/10/2016]
  • I have received the cable-release adaptor, many thanks for your prompt service. I took the camera out for my first experience of pinhole photography yesterday. The main problem that I had was trying to concentrate on timing the exposure, whilst answering questions about the camera from curious people walking by! I think I am going to really enjoy pinhole photography. There is so much to learn, especially with regard to exposure, but it is highly absorbing. I have to say that I am most impressed by the build quality of the camera.

    Paul Woloschuk, United Kingdom [13/8/2016]
  • I was well impressed with the quality of your products having found and gotten interested in pinhole photography. Overall, the added benefits of having a well built commercially available camera add the consistency and precision that I was looking for--as opposed to a cardboard DIY model.

    Justin Myers, USA [25/7/2016]
  • Camera arrived safe and sound:) It is beautiful!!! Thanks I'll keep you posted!

    Ann Sosbe, USA [3/7/2016]
  • Dear Zernike,

    I've just picked up my package, what a joy! And what a BEAUTIFUL work you have done! I'm so very very grateful, and now I'm looking forward to try them both!

    My "first", the little 2000 now with zone plate, I'm really exited to try it. And my absolute favourite, the gorgeous Z 612 F, now back, more beautiful than ever! Thanks again dear friend, and have a fantastic weekend!

    Kindest regards Marie

    Marie Westerbom, Sweden [21/5/2016]
  • Dear Zernike

    The Camera has arrived today. Perfect packaging so no scratch or any kind of damage. The camera is really, but really beautiful. Can't wait to load and shoot. :))

    Best regards, Angelo

    Angelo Desole, Italy [18/5/2016]
  • Dear seller

    I have received a package order Zero 2000
    Beautiful piece of craftsmanship, well packed and fast delivery.
    Great seller and I would buy another product of zero image.
    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,

    Dewi Yull Pujiati, Indonesia [7/4/2016]
  • Dear Zernike Au, This is just a message to let you know that I received my Zero 2000 in good order, and that I am very happy with it. The camera is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and I really like the engraving, which gives it a nice, personal touch. My 'back-to-nature' version has a fine natural color, but still has a very solid finish, which feels very durable ... Kind regards, Martijn Spitters

    Martijn Spitters, The Netherlands [9/3/2016]
  • Hello Zernike, The camera arrived today and it is a beauty! I can't wait to take it out shooting. Thank you very much the quick turnaround time! Best Regards, Aaron

    Aaron Lehoux, USA [8/2/2016]
  • I'd just received the pack. It's a realy beautifull camera! Thank you very much. Best regards. Patrick Taberna

    Patrick Taberna, France [7/2/2016]
  • Hi Zernike, Thank you for sending the camera so quickly. It arrived and it’s beautiful (as you know). And I got the cable release you suggested from Samy’s - I used to live right near there in Los Angeles and bought my first “real” camera from them in the 1980’s. ... Thank you — i hope that in a month or so I have some nice images. (I took the camera to my office today and one of my clients was very impressed with it. ) Best, Mallory

    Mallory, USA [2/12/15]
  • Dear Mr. Zernike Au, that was really quick: yesterday i got my small wooden beauty. She looks really good and everything is working fine. Thank you very much! Best regards, Torsten Albrecht .

    Torsten Albrecht, Germany [14/11/15]
  • Hey guys I just received my first camera from you guys, the craftsmanship is immaculate and I'm extremely happy. ... Thank you and I can't wait to develop and use this beauty!

    Julian Pena, [9/10/15]
  • Glad to see you are still making your cameras. I have a 2000 and although I don\'t use it much, it is an important part of my collection of personal things. Please keep up and expand your Gallery. Best wishes.

    Jim Cason , USA [27/7/15]
  • Dear Zernike, I just received my new camera (Zero 75D Deluxe Camera System) which looks amazing! Thank you so much, you put a lot of effort in it. ...

    Simone Hoang, The Netherlands [25/7/15]
  • Thank you so much for sending me the instruction manual for the 612b so fast! :-) I truly love that camera, and I had wonderful time, taking wonderful pictures with it! :-) Take care, Ali Shahrouzi
    Best regards Thanks again Ingrid
    Best regards,

    Ali Shahrouzi , USA [30/6/15]
  • Dear Zernike:
    I received my new càmera last night. It is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to taking some pictures with it this weekend. Thanks ever so much for your kind assistance and patience.
    Best regards Thanks again Ingrid
    Best regards,

    Ingrid, Columbia [20/5/15]
  • Dear Zernike Au, Just received my camera, all I can say is that it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve loaded a roll of film & I'm ready to shoot. Thank you very much.
    Best regards,

    Stephen Ellis , United Kingdom [6/5/15]
  • today my zero image 6x6 is arrived and wow really really is now ready to be put under the Christmas three.Outstanding the Christmas decorations on the package.i would like to thank you very very much for your fast refund. Surely i will post on the gallery the first pictures i 'll take with it. thanks and merry Christmas to you too

    Piercarlo Tosat, Italy [20/12/14]
  • Hello, Today I received the Zero 2000 camera and I think it is very beautiful. Thank you and I can't wait to try it out next week. Thanks for the nice work on it.

    Mike Paskeuric, Forest Lake, MN [3/11/14]
  • My zero 2000 deluxe arrived today and I have to say it\'s one of the most beautiful cameras I have ever seen. I am so looking forward to taking some pictures with it once I stop staring at it and dare myself to to touch it with my fingers.

    Andrew Miles, United Kingdom [23/9/2014]
  • Hi, Just a quick email to let you know that I received the camera today and it's beautiful. I can't wait to take it out this weekend. Many thanks, Emil Emil Sarlija, Australia [5/3/2014]

    Emil Sarlija, Australia [5/3/2014]
  • Hi Zernike Thanks for the speedy shipping and handling! The camera arrived on the 31st of December and I've been so busy with it I forgot to let you know how awesome it is! I'm now also looking at maybe getting the 4x5 for some wide angle photos? All the best for the future and keep up the great work! Cheers Johan Johan Pienaar, New Zealans [5/1/2014]

    Johan Pienaar, New Zealans [5/1/2014]
  • Hi, I hope you will appreciate that some photos made with your pinhole cameras, won some important awards in some of the most influential international photo contests:




    Spider Awards

    Here below you can find the link to my website where there are five galleries devoted to pinhole photography: \" Pinhole 1 - 2 - 3 \" \" Blue \" \" Sea Visions \"

    Aurelio Bormioli, Italy [30/11/13]
  • Subject: thanks for your cameras+exhibitons Message: Dear Au Zernike, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Zero cameras. I\'ve used them since 2004 (Zero2000, then Zero612B and Zero45 deluxe). At first, it was a hobby just for fun but it has become very serious. Special pleasure for the many exhibitions of the pictures I made with Zero cameras. Next time on 2 December, in the Hungarian National Dancetheater Gallery. This month, an article appeared in the Hungarian edition of National Geographic, and photos you made with my machines are also included. Thanks for the help I could get in there, too! Attila Hupján (fregolik)

    Attila Hupján, Hungary [30/11/13]
  • Dear Zernike, You must think I'm crazy... But I just LOVE your cameras, I love to use them, and I love the results I get from them. And they are so incredibly beautiful to look at and to have. So it is a great pleasure for me! One of my sons may be interested too, but he hasn't decided yet... So I may come back once again.... But I'm sure coming back with images for your gallery! My new 612F is stunning, and the images are great!! I love my little 2000 also. I have made a "pressure plate" for it that seems to work quite good. Thank you for your beautiful work!! Have a lovely weekend, and take your time with my camera, I'm in no hurry. All the best Marie

    Marie, Sweden [3/11/13]
  • I received my Zero 2000 today. Everything was ok with the post. The objet is really magnificent; I'm really impatient to test it. SCHRUMPF Armand, SWITZERLAND [10/9/13]

    SCHRUMPF Armand, Switzerland
  • Customer's Review:

    Spike Tennyson, Thailand [9/9/13]
  • Good Morning, I cannot help but echo the words of other very satisfied customers. It is as you say...a beautifully crafted camera...a work of art. Delivery was as stated; three working days. I ordered Friday late afternoon and it was on my door Tuesday afternoon....Hong Kong to Australia. With the weekend almost upon us, I will be out giving it a go. Thanking you. Hi. Received it today. Stunning bit of craftsmanship!

    Alan McFall, Australia [23/813]
  • Hi. Received it today. Stunning bit of craftsmanship!

    Martin Hållö Spencer, Sweden[19/7/13]
  • Hello. Your product is well received. Product is very beautiful! This look and feel like walking into another world of photography. Thank you.

    Jongsik Lee, Korea[2/3/13]
  • Many thanks once again, wanted these for my new 5 x 4 delux which is , I must say, elegant and beautifully made. The whole concept is beautifully designed. Many thanks.

    Dewi, Australia [28/2/13]
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  • We must say thanks to all our customers who order our cameras and let us have a chance to hear the their comments. I also special thanks to those who submitted their wonderful images to our site to share with all peoples from all over the world. I am really appreciated and impressed. Thanks to you all and happy pinholin'.

    Zernike Au,
    Zero Image Co.

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