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Tips & Tools

Installation of 4x5 Filter Filter Adapter

To install the filter adapter, you may need the following tools:

1. Provided paper template;
2. Screw driver;
3. Power drill or hand drill;
4. Ø3.5mm drill bit;
5. Centering tool: Hole starter or center punch
6. 1.5mm Allen Wrench (Hex Key)

The provided paper template already cut to the necessary size! Simply put it to the inside of camera and align the top. Then use the hole starter to mark the position of the holes. Enlarge the hole can help to prevent the drill bit from wobblering when drilling.

Use a sharp 3.5mm drill bit to drill through the 3 holes. The front panel is rather easy to crack(around the edge of the hole) when drilling. Use a small wooden backing block can prevent the crack! Always drill slowly will be o.k.

To prevent lost of the brass screws, we install it to the filter when delivery. Remove all the bass crews from the filter holder.

Then fasten the filter holder to the camera with the 3 brass screw. That's it. The installation of the filter adapter to the camera is finished!!!

Now install the filter to the filter holder, loose the set screw with the 1.5mm allen wrench(hex key) until you can insert the filter to the slot of the wooden filter holder. Then ighten the set screw one by one. Remember not to overtighten becuase the holder is made of wood and it will crack if overtightened!


Tighten the set screw until you cannot move the filter with very very little pressure by your fingers.

Repeat the "tighten and test" process for the next two screw.


Please keep the allen wrench as you may need it to tighten the set screw a bit in case the filter loose after using for a long time.

Remember always hold the wooden filter holder instead of hole the filter when attach or remove the filter.


Should you have any problem in installing the 4x5 filter adapter, please feel free to contact us.