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Zero 618 Infinite

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we are proud to anounce that our new Zero 618 Infinite is available. It is a 7-in one multi-format camera which you cannot find on the market.

*Unique design allows you to take continoue/blending images with the whole roll of film. The world's first 6x18 pinhole camera that can have such function with a single pinhole and multi-format.

This camera is in flat-back design, results in very strong perspective and vignette, all this enhance the visual impact of your images.

Due to the ultra wide angle of view, this camera is rather difficult to reproduce and only a small amount is made for the first batch!

A brand new designed Multi-Format Viewfinder will be included, it works far better than any markings on the camera.

Don't miss it!

A truly unique addition to your collection of pinhole cameras. Get one today!

Zero 618B Basic Version
  • Price: US$252
  • S&H: US$45
  • Total: US$297

***The manual and the packing box will be the same as the Deluxe version.***

Back to Nature ~ Mike Cassidy Version

More eco-friendly!
More affordable price!

More freedom to customize your own style pinhole camera!


Zero 618D Deluxe Version
  • Price: US$282
  • S&H: US$45
  • Total: US$327
With our deluxe version package, you not only gain more control on framing and exposure time, but also save more than US$40.
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  • Design Features
    The Zero 6x18 Infinite is a super-wide angle camera with a focal length of 40mm and it accepts 120 roll film. All you need to begin taking great pictures is a take-up spool and a fresh roll of 120 format film.

    You can set the film format to 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 before the film is loaded. This camera takes 16 frames when set to 6 x 4.5, 12 frames when set to 6x6, 8 frames when set to 6x7 and 6x9, 5 frames when set to 6x12, 4 frame when set to 6 x 18, the film format can reach to 6 x 18.6 if you remove the dividers, 1 frame when set to 6x72*.

    With the unique design of our 618 camera, you can take continuous/blending image for the whole roll of film, i.e. 6x72 format. You can not only control the rythme of your image but also can use any portion of your film for your final images.

    With this unique feature, you creativity is unlimited, you can have your images at any length, overlapping the images anywhere you want.

    A bit challenging because you can control the rythm of your image and you need to have very good control and well planing in the exposure time of the double or triple exposure image.

    Size is very compact for a 6x18 camera: 10 1/2"(L) x 2 3/4"(W) x 3 1/2"(H) and weighs only 500gm.

    For the basic version, we will install a simple shutter with low-pressure spring to prevent it from opening suddenly when carrying. The operation is smooth enough to avoid any vibration when opening or closing the shutter.

    We use 0.001" brass shim to make the pinhole conform to a more actual film stop number; and to render a sharper image. A Zone Plate version of the Zero 2000 is also available.

    All pinhole or zone plate are hold in position by this important and unique designed holder/housing.

    This holder can not only help to hold the pinhole preciously in the center of the camera but also solve the big problem of dark circle appear in short focal legnth camera.

    After the pinhole holder is preciously machined, a coating of matt black baked enamel to ensure finest protection and prevent internal light reflection.

    This camera comes with two tripod sockets for both protrait and landscape photos. Its 1/4" thread tripod socket allows you to adapt it to nearly all kinds of tripods available in the market.

    Both the deluxe and basic version camera comes with the bull's-eye bubble level spirit, you can have more control over angles and perspective when framing your pictures. It is made of solid brass.

    With our specially-designed cable release adaptor, you can trigger the shutter manually or with a cable release. This cable release adapter is pre-installed to all our deluxe version cameras. A must for speed pinhole photography!!!

    Center lock to secure the top cover of the camera in place. Practical design allows you to load and unload your film wherever you want. No dark room or changing bag is needed.

    Film advance knob with beautiful knurled diamond pattern. You will find how useful is this pattern when you have sweaty fingers in the summer or wearing gloves in the winter.

    Single direction mechanism
    of the film winding button prevents the film from curling back and loose the film accidentally by winding the knob in opposite direction!

    Steel spring which hold the film in place and prevent it from loose, it is very important and is a must in any medium format, cheap copies from other manufactuer don't have this important part!

    A special material is added to the edge where the film will pass, this is a must to avoid scratches on film.

    The solid brass edge protector provide more protection to the camera.

    Our Exposure Scale helps you to calculate the exposure times more quickly with no need for a separate table. The polished brass displays a finely-etched rendering of the scale.

    The film counter window allows you to know how many exposures are left.

    The film counter window comes with a cover which works best for infrared photography, and also reduces the possibility of light leaks.

    The structure and joints of the camera are specially designed, with reinforced bonding which allows the camera to shrink and to swell without affecting the performance of the camera when the weather changes and also prevent light leak.

    The mechanism and the structure of the camera make it work like an ordinary camera, but it is capable of taking extraordinary pictures!

    This 618 camera comes with our brand new designed Multi-Format Viewfinder which allows you to set the same film format as your camera and you can frame your image easily, far better than any markings on the camera and is only available at our company.

    For the materials, we choose only high quality teak wood which is very stable. The wooden parts are first kiln-dried and then machine milled into correct size. Matte black paint is applied to the interior of the camera to prevent light leaks. More than 15 layers of coating is applied by hand to the camera, to insure maximum protection of the wood.

    Now very few pinhole manufacturer willing/able to adopt this kind of coating because of the far higher requirement in skill and the very long production time.

    We use hand-turned solid brass for all of the metal parts. A baked color coating is then applied to prevent them from oxidizing.

    The structure and joints of the camera are specially designed, with reinforced bonding which allows the camera to shrink and to swell without affecting the performance of the camera when the weather changes. We use specially made clamp and white glue instead of cheap hot melt glue which is only for fast and cheap production.

    All the pinholes are installed by our designer, Mr. Zernike Au, who also designed all our cameras and accessories. Every camera is checked and tested by him to ensure the highest quality.

    It's Collectible: A certificate signed by our designer will accompany each camera. Every camera comes its serial number etched on a beautiful brass plate.

    Sample Images

  • Material: Teak Wood
    Weight: 500 gm
  • Focal Length: 40mm
    Tripod socket: 1/4" Thread
  • Pinhole Size: Top Secret
    Zone Plate (Optional): 40mm with 11 zones
  • Angle of View (diagonally): 82.98° (6 x 4.5), 91° (6 x 6), 95.86° (6 x 7), 105.42° (6 x 9), 116.99° (6 x 12), 133.61° (6 x 18), 134.79° (6 x 18.6)
  • Dimension: 10 1/2" (L) x 2 3/4" (W) x 3 1/2"(H) including all knobs
  • Film Stop: F/160 for pinhole, F/55 for zone plate
  • Film Format: 120 Roll film in 6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6x9, 6x12 , 6x18 and 6 x 72 formats
    (not compatible with some China brand)
  • Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

  • Order: What you get?
    Zero 618B Basic Version (Sold Out!)
    Basic camera
    Exposure Scale
    Multi-Format Viewfinder
    Brass plate w/serial no.
    Signed Certificate
    Instruction Manuel (for Deluxe Version)
    • Price: US$252
    • S&H: US$45
    • Total: US$297

    Zero 618D Deluxe Version
    618 Deluxe Version Camera
    Exposure Scale
    Cable Release Adapter
    Bubble Leveler
    Multi-Format Viewfinder
    Brass plate w/serial no.
    Signed Certificate
    Instruction Manuel
    • Price: US$282
    • S&H: US$45
    • Total: US$327
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