Collectible Handmade Wooden Pinhole Camera
Pinhole Camera Made of Dreams and Passion...
Tips & Tools

Pinhole Photography Technique

With some simple techniques, you can improve your pinhole photos, or you can extend the usage of the camera to meet your needs.

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Pinhole Calculators

We have designed two pinhole calculator. One is in Flash animation and the other is by PHP. If you are going to build your own pinhole camera, you can use these calculator to determine the optimum pinhole size of your camera.

What is Zone Plate?

All of our cameras can be ordered in Zone plate version. Our Zero 612F and all 45 system are designed to be pinhole and zone plate interchangeable. To know more about zone plate, please visit:

Upgrade & Modificaiton of Zero Image Camera

Instructions in how to upgrade your Zero Camera from a basic version to Deluxe version. Or if you want to modifly your own pinhole cameras with our speically deisgned accessories.

Build a Pinhole Camera

Step by step instruction teachning you how to build a pinhole camera.

User Manual

Special thanks to Mr. Carlos Hernández who help us to translate the Zero 2000 Manual to Spanish.