Collectible Handmade Wooden Pinhole Camera
Pinhole Camera Made of Dreams and Passion...
Pinhole Camera Gallery
DIY and special-made pinhole cameras by Zeroimage camera designer: Zernike Au. Hope you enjoy it.

Mother of Zero 2000

This is the very first deisgn of my Zero2000 for 6x6 format, the camera was built by a sculptor who work with me around 18 years ago. The thickness of the wood is just 6mm, hand-planted!

The basic construction is the same as the Zero 2000 while the top cover lock and the shutter was not function very well!

Grandma of Zero 2000

The very early pinhole camera that I made and later I develop it into the Zero 2000.

It is made of some useless wood left from a wooden wagon model kit. Design direction: shutter that can accept cable release cord, with a lock to prevent it open suddenly, quick change tripod mount for horizontal and vertial mount, film counter window, advance knob....

Close-up of the simple shutter, it is closed by it's weight!

Removeable film advance knob can be square...

Film counter window with door.

Zone Plate Conversion
For this conversion, the zone plate is added to the body cap of the camera. An internal tube is added to the body cap to reduce the final focal length.

This Kiev camera is converted to a zone plate camera which can change the focal length by use of extension tube.

Wood grid and shutter release button are hand-made.

Kodak Retina was converted to a zone plate camera by attached a small zone plate holder.

Candy Box
I bought this beautiful Candy during my trip to Kyoto of Japan for a WPPD events there. Met a lot of pinhole friends and also this beautiful candy box. Shutter is simply a magnet.

This camera accept 4x5 sheet film which is hold by a small magnet bar. Interior of the camera is covered with black velvet to avoid light reflection.

No one want a flappy camera so the back is reinforced by a 7mm thick teak wood.

4x5 Zone Plate Camera
This camera is designed for handheld, can accept Schneider 90mm lens and our Copal shutter adapter which was alredy sold out for many years!

Close-up of the Copal Shutter Adapter.

Custom-Made Pinhole Camera
This is a custom-made camera that I designed and made for a pinhole enthusiast/collector more than 10 years ago. I have made two and kept one for myself. This rough storage box is made of some wood I found on the floor of my workshop.

It is a pinhole and zone plate intechangeable camera and the special designed turret can accept cable release cord.

The wood is very hard, it is some kind red sandalwood with special scent, rather rare and very expensive now! I can't get it anymore!!! Also I don't have time to work on custom-made order anymore!!!

Mother of Zero 45 System
The first pinhole camera I made, already 20 years! Very simple structure, shutter is simply a brass disc, later it is developed to our existing wooden shutter.

From the very begining I already want the camera can change format or change the pinhole size. Finally I designed the Zero 45 multi format system which is still the only multi format 45 pinhole system in the market until now.

The orignal design already use rubber bands to hold the film holder. I simple add a notch to the edge of the camera so the rubber band will not move around. It is becasue I don't want the rubber band to be see in the front, end in having the special brass rubber band holders.