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Tips & Tools

Installation of Filter

Sometimes you may need to use filter for some purpose, it is possible to add a filter to the inner chamber of the camera, this method works well for our Zero 2000 camera, for other larger forma like 6 x 9 and 6 x 12, the filter ring may result in dark circle at the corner because of the larger view angle of the camera.

You can simply put the 52mm filter inside the inner chamber and fix it with adhesive tape so it will not move around.
If you used to change the filter, attach a stepping ring to the camera will be far better.

The best size of the stepping ring is 37-52mm and the size of the filter is 52mm.

1. Attached the stepping ring to the camera with yellow glue or expoxy glue.

2. Screw in the filter you need. It will be a bit difficult if your fingers are big because of the limited space fo the inner chamber.

3. Enjoy it!