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Magnetic Filter Adapter
  • Price: US$55
  • S&H: US$12
  • Total: US$67

Our Zero 25mm camera is super-wide, when use ordinary circular filter, circular dark corner will appear in 4 corners. This filter adapter accept square ftiler which can fix such problem perfectly.

In order to avoid accidental drop or lost of the filter especially the filter was hold by magnet, we use eight strong magnet to hold the filter in position, and it is installed inside the camera. In case the filter really drop because of very heavy shock, the filter just drop inside the camera and the damage will ve very minimal!

The simplicity of design makes the filter holder looks like a high-tech magic wooden bar and it match to our camera perfectly. It accept square filter of size 85mm(width) x 100mm (Length), thickness no more than 2mm. Same size as Cokin "P" series.

Now if you order it together with our Zero 45 system, the price is just US$39 and we will install it for you.

Like all our accessories, this filter adapter is also designed for our Zero45 owners so the installation is well considered and will be very easy. You don't need to buy a what so call new generation camera! We will provide instruction for installation and template for driling the holes so you can upgrade your 10 years or 20 years old Zero cameras with our new deisgned accessories easily.

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  • Bubble Level Spirit
  • Cable Release Adapter
  • Edge Protector
  • Filter Holder
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  • Exposure Scale
  • Viewfinder
  • Pinhole/Zone Plate
  • Zone Plate Set
  • Copal Adaper

  • If you enjoy constructing a camera by yourself, or if you want to improve or enrich your own existing camera, our beautifully designed, easy-to-install accessories may provide just the right finishing touches to a special project or a favorite camera. You can buy the accessories alone or together with any of our cameras. We will install it for your or provide you with instruction for installation.

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