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Cable Release Adapter
  • Price: US$79
  • S&H: US$12
  • Total: US$91
If you have your own custom-made camera and want your camera to be more professional, or if you want to take zone plate photos, use fast speed film, or infrared film, a cable release becomes essential.

This adaptor (including the shutter) answers this requirement perfectly. This adapter was launched since 1999 and you can find no other pinhole brand have similar design. Our uniquely designed Cable Release Adaptor is made of solid brass and hard wood. All of its component parts are machine milled and turned, not cast.

With this adaptor, you can operate the shutter manually by sliding it open or closed. You may attach a cable release cord and trigger the shutter just like the "B" mode of an ordinary camera. This adaptor (including the shutter) fits any camera whose center hole (opening or pinhole size or zone plate size) does not exceed 1cm in diameter.

It's size is only 5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H) x 1.3cm (D). Installation of this adaptor is accomplished easily. Simply drill three 2.5 mm diameter holes and fix the adaptor with the provided screws or use your own wood screws. It is a standard item included in our Deluxe Zero 135, Deluxe Zero 2000, Deluxe Zero 6 x 9, 612D, 618 Deluxe, 45 Deluxe, Deluxe 612F and Deluxe 618 Infinite.

Now this cable release adaptor is compatible with our Zero 612B. If you purchase this adaptor with any of our basic version cameras, you will get a discounted price and we can install it for you. If you are going to purchase it separately, we will provide an instruction guide for installation.

Please be reminded that the cable release is not included!

Back to Nature Series
  • Price: US$69
  • S&H: US$12
  • Total: US$71
This Cable Release Adapter also available for our Back to Nature Series.

Free installation and free shipping (just US$59) when order together with any of our Zero camera.
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