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Zone Plate Adapter for Digital Camera


WHAT? DIGITAL? Is Zero Image going to abandon film?????


NO!!! We still love and support film photography and we always encourage customers to process the film by themselves.


For pinhole/zone plate photography, sometimes it is not possible to set up a tripod or allow you to wait for an hours or more. It is always a big regret that a lot of excellent moment lost. This is why our designer design this adapter for digital lens-changeable camera.


UK Deisgn Registration No.: 6081403


Zone plate can add dramatic and poemtic beauty to any scene like protrait, landscape, or still life, especially in extreme light condition.

This adapter is made of the very stable teak wood (hand turning on lathe one by one or fiber carbon and a lens reverse mount. You can make it by yourself or you can buy it from us if you like our design and our craftmanship which is a result of many years in camera making, woodmaking, watchmaking and machining.


This is an order-to-made item and it is completely made by our camera designer. It may needs to wait at least one to two months if the small amount of pre-made adapter is sold out.


It is because there are many different camera mount for different brands, it is impossible for us to make them all. Sorry!


Only available for : Fuji-X series, Nikon from F801 to D6 (not for the new Nikon Z series), Canon EOS, Sony and Micro 4/3.



If you want to use filter, no problem. The filter adapter comes with thread that can accept 58mm filter and metal cap.


We designed three different version for you to choose, please see below photos.


***All digital camera shown on the photos are not included***


Wide Angle Wooden Zone Plate Adapter
  • Price: US$98
  • S&H: US$39
  • Total: US$137
This wide angle zone plate adapter have a focal legnth of minimum 20mm depends on the flange distance of your camera.


Super Wide Wooden Zone Plate Adapter
  • Price: US$108
  • S&H: US$39
  • Total: US$147
This is a super wide zone plate adapter with focal legnth of minimum 12mm depends on the flange distance of your camera.

Wide Angle Fiber Carbon Zone Plate Adapter
  • Price: US$98
  • S&H: US$39
  • Total: US$137
This zone plate adapter have a more modern design made of carbon fiber. Not bad for you to shoot zone plate photos when driving your sport/racking car. Focal length is minimum 20mm depends on the flange distance of your camera. No super-wide angle version is available because of the limitation of the material used.

Sample Images

  • Click on Images to see details.
    Square Filter Adapter
  • Bubble Level Spirit
  • Cable Release Adapter
  • Cable Release Adapter
  • Edge Protector
  • Filter Holder
  • Name Engraving
  • Exposure Scale
  • Viewfinder
  • Pinhole/Zone Plate
  • Zone Plate Set
  • Copal Adaper

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