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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


December, 2000

Thank you sending the camera, I am sure I will enjoy making images with it. I have to say it is very well made, the wood is lovely, I really am very pleased, once again thank you.

John Arnison, USA [20/12/2000]



WOW!!!! It is beautiful. It is a craftsmans expression of love for pinhole photography, thanks.

I received the camera today and it is wonderful. I inspectioned the camera and it has all the details that i can think about.

I'll like to add a few comments to your design for your considerations: 1- most of the time I use a yellow fiter or a green filter for foliage or for sky and clouds. I use gelatin filters so they will fit between th elens and the shutter. Have you consider a filter slot of some sort in front of the lens? In the 4x5 cameras I used the filter in the back of the lens but you exposed one sheet of film at a time. You can change filters at any time you want.

2- Have you consider doing an interchangeable lens, pinhole/zoneplate by doing a bayonet type of lens holder?

I'll do some test during the week-end. I'll let you now about it.

Have a nice day, :-)

Alberto Rodrmguez Robles, PUERTO RICO [12/12/2000]


Good day. The 2 6x9 pinholes arrived yesterday, Monday, Dec. 11. That's fast. The cameras are really nice. I'm anxious to load film and get outside to shoot. Thanks

Barry Staver, USA [12/12/2000]


I just wanted to thank you, I received my multi-format camera and it arrived in mint condition! Thank you for doing a splendid job of design and manufacturing. I look forward to your next format (larger I hope).

This was my second camera and I will recommend to others.

David Walsh, Missouri, USA [12/11/2000]


My camera arrived yesterday and it is beautiful! I plane to use it this weekend.

Thank you for your fine work!

Kerik Kouklis, Placerville, California, USA [12/8/2000]


I received the camera yesterday and it is wonderful. Hope to use it this weekend. Thanks so much for your great craftsmanship and service. It is always a pleasure to conduct business with you.


Claudia Smith, USA [12/8/2000]


I received the new camera on Tuesday. It's even more amazing than the original Zero2000, if possible. Will send some pictures soon.


Jan Kapoor, USA [12/8/1000]


November, 2000

The Zero Image arrived this morning, fantastically packaged and undamaged. It is a thing of beauty and an inspiration! I am off to run it's first roll of film through! Thanks you very much!

William Wiatroski, USA [11/18/2000]


October, 2000

The Zero 2000 is a truly unique camera. Not only is it a collector's item, but an extemely well made and functional pinhole camera. It's beautifully made, very easy to operate, and produces high quality images. Since it has a short 1" focal length the best photographs are obtained by getting VERY close to your subject. It's also more convenient to work with 120mm film than the 4x5 film traditionally needed for pinhole cameras. After 30 years in photojournalism, I thought no camera could be that different from all the rest. Wrong. I look forward to using the Zero 2000 and actually find myself taking more photographs with it than the Nikons and Bronica. It's brought the excitement back into my photography. Thanks."

Barry Staver, Littleton, Colorado, USA [10/28/2000]



My first roll of film shot with my Zero 2000 came back from the lab. I'm impressed. The guy at the lab recognized the prints as coming from a pinhole camera, and he thinks I'm some sort of photographic guru.

I'm hoping you have plans for a new model. If so, I have a suggestion: design the next model with a longer focal length. I think 80mm would be perfect, but anything closer to "normal" would be nice.

Anyway, I enjoy the camera and am glad I bought one.

Thank you,

Tim Gallagher, from Jacksonville, Florida [10/27/2000]


September, 2000

Dear Zernike,

Thank you! I love the camera for its simplicity, form and function. More than expected, well made and attractive. Thank for your fast delivery it arrived in perfect condition. Anyone with an enlarger that will accommodate 6 x 6 format should have one of your cameras. Any one who does not have the Zero Image camera or the capability to develop and print their own film should immediately begin. I have a three body Nikon system with eight lenses, a Bronica ETRS with three backs, three lenses, AEII finder and bags of filters. It is not unusual to see me carrying 10kg of camera and tripod in every nook and cranny of Singapore. I spend four to eight hours a week shooting. I've found my vision stagnated, my work has let repetition creep in. The Zero Image 2000 camera has returned excitement to my photography.

Best Regards,

Glenn Laurents, from Singapore [9/29/2000]


Just to let you know that my zero arrived today - and I only ordered it last Friday! It was extremely well packed so it arrived in perfect condition. Opening the wrapping I was thrilled. It is so beautiful and well -made. I can't wait to put film in it.

Martin White, from New Zealand [9/27/2000]

I received your camera and have had a chance to shoot a few rows of film. The camera is great fun and easy to use. Maybe I will send a few pictures to the gallery soon. I look forward to seeing your new camera designs in the future.

Kevin Abbott, from U.S.A. [9/15/2000]


Hello Mr Zernike Au,

I first would like too tell you i am very happy with the Zero 2000 pinhole camera. I think it is a beauty. I like the way it is designed, build and finished I also like the basic and straight forwardness e.g. it simplicity. I have not yet had the time to use it but that won't be long. I already received the camera after 7 days after ordering. This camera was very high on my "want to have scale". I even like the box and way it is packed.

Gerard de Vrueh, from Netherlands [9/13/2000]


Dear Zero Image,

My pinhole camera arrived safely yesterday and is exactly as described - a very high quality item. I have just loaded a roll of film and look forward to seeing the results of my first experiments.

Michael Waldock, from U.S.A. [9/13/2000]


I'm very happy with the pinhole camera I bought from you. Instead of using a light meter to judge exposure times, I looked at the images you posted on your web site and took notice of the exposure times you stated you had used until I felt I had a "feeling" for what conditions warranted what exposures. Then I went out and took my own photos. To my surprise, they all came out great. Not a single one was too far over- or under-exposed. At first I was pleased at what good judgment I had at guessing exposures. Then I noticed that the test photos I took of the same set-up at 2, 4, and 6 second exposures all looked equally good. It seems that the film has a lot of latitude, and with a good lab, it's hard to go wrong with your camera no matter what exposure times you choose, as long as they fall approximately within these guidelines:

2 - 4 seconds for bright direct sun.
3 - 7 seconds for later day, side lit subjects
8 - 20 seconds for shady settings.

Joseph Francis, Los Angeles, USA [9/11/2000]


August, 2000

I just wanted you to know that my students love your Zero 2000 pinhole camera. I know of at least 3 students who plan to purchase one after seeing my camera. I love the camera and am working a series of handcolored landscapes - I have been showing it to everyone I know from students to professionals.

Thank you for making this fine product.

Marita Gootee, Mississippi State University, USA [8/28/2000]

I received your camera and was thoroughly impressed with it. Here are a few pictures I took. The color pictures are using Fuji ASA 100 film, and the sepia photo is using AGFA ASA 400 black and white (C41 process) film.

Punderich is from a small town along the Mosel River in Germany. Eltz is taken from Burg Eltz in Germany. Colmar is a picture of the canals in Colmar, France. I am really having lots of fun with this camera. It has given me an appreciation for composition and perspective that I've not had to deal with before.

Martin Hamann, Southern California [8/25/2000]


I Have received today,18-8-00 the Zero Image 2000...

When I opened the package, I nearly excited watchin' the little jewel.
Your sincerely

Danilo Pedruzzi, Italy [8/18/2000]


I have received today the camera. It looks really beautiful and I can't wait to start playing with it.
So far I am positively impressed with the quality of the object, not to talk about the nice packaging and the speed of the service. Thank you very much.

Giovanni Albertone, Luxembouge [8/8/00]

July, 2000

To whom it may concern,

Ordering merchandise via the web is certainly not without it's risk of potential disappointment and/or disaster. Needless to say when one anticipates the arrival of merchandise from the other side of the world that anticipation is naturally accompanied by a thoughts of possible dissatisfaction.

Today I received my Zero 200 Wooden Pinhole Camera and was absolutely "blown away" by it's beauty, elegance, and quality of craftsmanship. Upon initial, and subsequent, examination of my newly acquired gem I found it to far exceed my every expectations.

To anyone who may be in doubt regarding the purchase of this camera let me emphatically exclaim--Do Not Hesitate! You will not be disappointed.

P.S. I see a Zero 2000 Zone plate in my near future.

P. Dente, Pennsylvania, USA [25 July 2000]


I just received my camera yesterday. What a blast, I am having :) Thank you for being there for all of us pinhole nuts out here . I never would have believed pinhole photography could be this easy, I am used to making my own and loading/unloading in the dark. thanks again,

Harry Wann, U.S.A. [9 July, 2000]


June, 2000

Thanks - I received the camera a few days ago. I have to say it's very beautiful. I eagerly await to see my first results.

All the best,

David Reeve, United Kingdom [23 June, 2000]


As promised, here is a contribution for your gallery. I'm very pleased with the camera. The pinhole gives surprisingly sharp images, and I've found that the estimage of f138 is very accurate - every frame on my first film was correctly exposed.

Guy Brown, United Kingdom [20 June, 2000]


i received all 3 cameras last week. they are absolutely beautiful! my 2 friends love theirs, as well. thanks!

Brian Cencula, USA [20 June, 2000]


The camera arrived last night and I am VERY pleased with it. As you say, the wood pattern is particularly beautiful and it is very nicely made, with a well fitting back. Thanks again for your genuine concern about customer care - I would not hesitate to recommend your products to others.

Guy Brown, UK [7 June, 2000]


I just received my camera today, and it's beautiful! I can't believe how fast it arrived: seven days from Hong Kong, China to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. It's even better looking than I expected, and I can't wait to put some film through it. . . .

David Mothersill, Ontario, Canada [3 June, 2000]


May, 2000

I love my Zero2000 that I ordered from you back at the end of February. It arrived about a week after that. What a lovely camera.. At first I didnt' want to take it out and use it, simply because it was crafted so beautifully. Nevertheless..I did, and I do like it a lot. Lightweight and takes great images.
Thanks again for the Zero 2000!

Diana, USA [13 May, 2000]


I just received my camera today. It is magnificent! I've always wanted a 120 pinhole camera. I never dreamed that it could be made so nicely, look great..and take pictures. Your instruction sheet is is superb. I can't wait for the sun to come up tomorrow to start taking pictures with it.

Joel Heffner, New York City, USA [10 May, 2000]


Just wanted to let you know that my Zero 2000 arrived today (4 May 2000). Eight days from Hong Kong to Traverse City, MI. is excellent! The fit and finish of the camera is what I hoped it would be. It certainly lives up to the comments from other satisfied owners. Now I can't wait to run a couple rolls of film through my Zero 2000.

Tony Kekalos, Traverse City, MI., USA [4 May, 2000]


Good morning,

Just a short message to let you know that my camera arrived today. Congratulations for such a beautiful product and such a rapid service! I look forward to develop my first film taken with that jewel.


Maurice Barnich, Luxembourg [4 May, 2000]


Received my camera today, less than 1 week delivery. Very nice, well made, exceptional quality. Thanks

Stan Sheram, Athens, Ga. USA [4 May, 2000]


April, 2000

Thank you and may you enjoy the holiday also any new cameras??? I am finishing my show and I will send you images taken with the pinhole camera they are beautiful I am extremely pleased with your product
thanks and god bless

David Tefft, USA [21 April, 2000]


I received ZERO 2000 today. This camera is really fine! I'm satisfied with it. I will take many picture as soon as possible.
Best Regards,

Fumio Hanano, Japan [16 April, 2000]



Received the camera. Looks very nice. I'll be shooting with it this week.

Thanks for the quick service.

J. McGregor, USA [12 April, 2000]


In the first place to give them the congratulation for the camera Zero 2000, I received it at the end of December of 1.999 and I am very happy with the camera so much for their design, as well as for the high quality of the images with her obtained I am very satisfied of the excellent purchase that and carried out with you. On the other hand I am an in love with the picture in general and of the picture of the " Pinhole " in particular. I belong to a photographic grouping of fond and from time to time I give chats, conferences and shops on any photographic topic which I dominate somehow and lately the chats and the topics are on the picture Pinhole and all that bears this picture type. All this comes since to story in my it finishes chat the conference star it was the camera Zero 2000 and the pictures with her carried out, non lime to tell them that it was a success on the part of my partners which praised the gorgeously completed that the camera was if not the good image quality that you/they had the pictures. I would like taking advantage of the E-mail them to tell me the amount of he/she buys it of 3 cameras Zero 2000 with their expenses of he/she already sent included, and if he/she comes them well the payment form that he/she already carries out in their day (the payment carries out it by means of bank transfer). Nevertheless to refresh them the memory I give them again my personal data. Thanking them in advance receives a cordial greeting from Valencia.

José Ribes Vidal, Valencia - España [4 April, 2000]



Your camera arrived today. Its a beautiful piece of work and I'm very pleased to have it. The edition plate is wonderful - a really nice touch. Not only is the camera beautiful and well-built, but I was also impressed with every detail of packaging. It is a real gem. . .

Gregg Kemp, Pinhole Visions, USA


Just to let you know I received the camera yesterday. What a beautiful piece of work-- I am looking forward to using it this weekend. I'm glad to hear you are in the print swap too. Will be great to see everyone's pictures. . .

Jan Kapoor, USA


I received the camera late on Saturday but didn't have a chance to open it until Sunday. Everything seems to be in order. I am impressed with the design and construction. I used to have a woodworking shop; so I know what's involved from start to finish in making something like a furniture or even a camera. . .

Tom Lindsay, USA


The camera I just ordered from you arrived Christmas eve and I am thrilled with it even though I've not had a chance to take any pictures with it. The exquisite craftmanship makes it an object I would buy just for the beauty of the camera. I plan to take it with me in March when I go to Prague and Budapest - perhaps then I can submit a photo to the site. Thank you VERY much for a beautiful hand made object that I will treasure.

Sincerely, John V. Beck, Bloomington IN USA


The camera arrived today and is a beautiful work of art in addition to being a\ precision camera. I look forward to using it tomorrow.

Claudia, USA


Just to let you know I've just received the camera. Thanks. It is pretty well built.

Wei Shuan, Singapore


A look at the Zero 2000 from ZeroImage

Overall, I give the Zero 2000 pinhole camera from ZeroImage ( very high marks. My complaints are minor ones. The first thing you notice about it when you receive it is the care with which it has been packaged. It is remarkably fairly priced, it seems to me, considering that the makers have not cut corners making the camera or on making its presentation attractive. The instructions are simple and clear. I was up and running in about five minutes. The only trouble I had was getting the film stretched flat enough to make enough room to slide the camera back on, but this was no real trouble.

The camera has been made with good materials and some care has been taken in its design and construction. It is not entirely without fault. The back on mine is a trifle loose, but the camera has proved to be light tight. Generally speaking, it's simple, it works, and it looks good. In fact it looks so good that I think some people will be reluctant to use it much for fear of marring the finish. People on the street admire it. People stop me and ask me what it is. Many people seem to think it's an antique. Even if you don't take many pictures with it, it may help you make friends!

I was concerned to find the name plate mounted inside the camera just under the pinhole. I was worried that it might cause reflections inside the camera that would appear on the film. The pinhole itself and its mount are not blackened and the blackening of the inside of the camera generally is not as dark as it might be. Before using the camera I was concerned that all these things might mar the images it makes, but after taking about ten rolls with it I must admit that I have been able to detect no problems. Still my instinct keeps telling me to cover some of these areas with matte black tape--I haven't though.

The pinhole itself appears to be well made. You can usually tell a sloppy pinhole (which is OK, depending on what you want to achieve, of course) by shooting into the sun. A sloppy pinhole will flare unevenly and raggedly. The pinhole on my Zero 2000 makes one of the nicest pinhole flares I've seen.

The camera is much smaller than I expected it to be from the pictures on the company's Web site-which is great. It's tiny. It's extremely lightweight. It fits easily in a jacket pocket. It's truly portable. I literally take it with me everywhere I go. I mount it on a mini-tripod when I use it or set it on an appropriate flat object. The tripod is bigger than the camera. I have five other pinhole cameras, all homemade. I have a feeling they are going to begin to gather dust. This is already one of my favorites.

The extremely wide angle of the camera took some getting used to for me as I have usually worked with cameras of much longer "focal length." You really need to get on top of things with this one. A little practice, however, and it's easy to get a sense of how much the camera is taking in.

Finally, I should note that the people at ZeroImage were extremely accomodating. They went beyond the call of duty in answering e-mails and keeping me up-to-date on what was going on with my order.

All in all, I think this is an attractive, easy to use, functional pinhole camera with only minor flaws.

To me, it seems attractively priced. Recommended.

Colin Talcroft, Japan


at first i want to thank you again for building such a great pinhole camera! it´s really a damn good thing! floyd celluloyd, Germany


I´m very pleased to send you another e-mail.

I´ve just received the Zero2000 pinhole camera today. At first sight, after opening the package: great / wonderful / amazing ... I didn´t expect such a state-of-the-art item. Congratulations for your work!! I hope to enjoy it a lot, I promise you to take care with it. Maybe I´ll send you a few photos in the near future. I had to wait to get it, but it worth the time. Now it´s here.

Carlos Hernández, Spain


The two cameras I purchased from you arrived in today's mail.

I wanted to write to tell you that they arrived in very good order and they are absolutely beautiful!

I'm very happy to have these cameras, they are wonderfully crafted and I can't wait to use mine. The second camera is a gift for my son, age 16, who is enthusiastic about photography.

I look forward to sending images to your website!

With my thanks,

Dan van Benthuysen, USA


Subject: Wundebar! Ein Meisterstück!

Dear Zernike:

The subject is in German; it means: "Wonderful! A Masterpiece!" Weather permitting, I will try out my new pinhole camera on Sunday.

Kind regards, Brad Barnes, California, USA


I just now received my new pinhole camera and wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with it. It is simply beautiful! I can't wait to try it out (as soon as the film arrives that I've ordered). I also plan to take it to my photography classes and show it to my teachers and fellow students. So I hope to be sending you some more business. Something this beautiful and skillfully made should be shared. Thank you so much!

A very grateful and happy customer,

Linda Tabor, USA


I' am Foto-Alternativa Mailing List owner. All members, that have this pinhole camera, are very happy with you and your camera.

Best Regards from Spain.

Manuel Estébanez, Spain



I have just received the camera in beautiful shape. I am a bit worried about light leaks through the corners of the back, but I have not tried it yet. I will expose a roll tomorrow, and get it to the lab. I will let you hear how it works out. It is a remarkably beautiful camera.

Thanks a lot.

Trond Kjetil, Norway


I have received my pinhole camera and I am very pleased. The design and workmanship are excellent and I look forward to taking photos with it. Please let me know when your other cameras are available. I would especially like a 4x5 in a normal to medium wide angle format, and I am also interested in 35. I'll post some pictures soon.


Howard Hilliard, USA


I just got your pinhole camera a day ago, and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality/beauty of it. The ordering and shipping were handled very good as well. Thank You and I will recommend you to others.

Stephen Mulholland, USA


Hi !!!

Thought I'd let you know that the camera arrived today!! Very nicely presented and packaged - classy. And the camera too is very well made and has a delightful feel of days long gone !! Very pleased!

Hopefully I will get time to put a couple of rolls through the camera soon and I will let you know the results.

Still interested in Australian agency.

Brian, Australia


I received this morning the pinhole camera. It's a very good surprise. Nice package, nice object. It seems to be very well built. I'm in a hurry to try it. On an otherside, I would really like to know about you, your enterprise and the way to built such a project. I will mail you a word when things will be on my hp.

Thanks for all and best regard

Laurent Carte - Marseille, France


I have received my order (invoice # OD99-286) in good order. Everything appears to be in good shape. I am delighted with the appearance of the camera and it's workmanship. I am quite eager to put it to use. My first tests should happen tomorrow. I hope to gain confidence using the camera, as I am making a trip to London in two weeks time and want to make pictures there. Thank you for your very prompt and professional service.

Yours Truly, Michael Heider, USA


great site--great camera--can't wait to get it--love love love the images

Mary, USA


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Thanks to you all and happy pinholin'.

Zernike Au, President

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