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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


May, 2012

I received the camera today, and it is a little jewel! 

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of this beautiful instrument.

Mike Oberst

Mike Oberst, United States [2/5/12]


December, 2011

I just received your Zero 6 x 9 Deluxe Camera Package.

Thank you for your quick shippping.

I love your pinhole camera.

Thank you again.

Grace Pak, Korea [7/12/11]


July, 2011

Hello Sir,
This little letter to inform you that the camera has arrived in Belgium.
I find it very beautiful and very well finished .
I can not wait to use it ...
Thank you and best regards

URSZULA SŁAWIEC, Belgium [11/7/2011]


March, 2011

Hello, this message is just to confirm that I have received my Zero 6 X 9 Deluxe camera and all is in order.
It is great to see a hand-made product produced to a such a high level of craftsmanship.
I hope my photography will be the same!


Malcolm Gamble, Melbourne, Australia [1/3/11]


Feb, 2011

I received camera. Magnificent and beautiful product! Thanks!

Oleg , Russia [26/2/2011]


Feb, 2011

Today I received the Deluxe 2000 :-)))
I'm really very, very happy!

I look forward to enjoying the first photographs.
Thank you very much. I hope there are no stray light into the camera.
Thank you very, very much!!!!
Best Regards
Pierre Pellegrini

Pierre Pellegrini, Swiss [25/2/11]


Feb, 2010

I have received the camera. It's very very nice..
Thank you so much!

Have a nice day,

Hoang Anh
(maybe I will buy your 6x6 soon :o) )

Hoang Anh, Vietnam [26/2/10]


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We must say thanks to all our customers who order our cameras and let us have a chance to hear the their comments. I also special thanks to those who submitted their wonderful images to our site to share with all peoples from all over the world. I am really appreciated and impressed.

Thanks to you all and happy pinholin'.

Zernike Au, President

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