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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


December, 2005

my pinhole arrived today! it is great! i will shoot with it tomorrow first light! thanks for shipping so fast.
it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. bravo!

eddie, United State [12/31/05]


Just a follow up to let you know that I received the camera a few days
before christmas and my husband was thrilled with his new gift. I know
that he'll enjoy it for years to come, and thanks for the bonus tripod
screw on the bottom. He thought that a great addition.

happy new year.

Joyce Lovro Gabriel, USA [12/31/05]


Merry Christmas. It is Christmas day here in the states. I
have just opened the gift from my wife which was a Zero
2000 Deluxe. What great cameras you make and offer. I
liked my original 2000 so much I requested the second. I
can now shoot two types of film or place a filter in one for
various situations etc. Though I do make my own wood
4x5 pinhole cameras I use yours almost exclusively.
Thanks for a great product.
Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Paul Jones, United State [12/25/05]


Hello: Thanks for making such a beautiful product. I recently purchased one of your multi-format cameras from Blue Moon Camera in Portland, Oregon, USA and it is so much fun to use. I promptly bought a second as a gift for my son.

Randy Rasmussen [12/21/05]


Just received my Zero Image 2000 Deluxe, ordered on Sunday and delivered to me in the UK on the following Thursday. Excellent item, great packaging and a truly fantastic service.

I\'m looking forward to using it this coming weekend.

Many thanks

Dave Ramage, United Kingdom[12/15/05]


back from Brazil I received in good shape the zero image 75
I thank you very much for this fantastic camera
up to me now to shoot quickly
I revert to you asap with my first works
best regards

Louis Bacou France [12/13/05]

Just recived my zero2000. Very beautifoul camera! I\'ve to develop first film.
Very good packaging. Absolutly satisfied!

Livio Bargagli - Stoffi, Italy [12/7/05]


November, 2005

Subject: Great camera and fast delivery

Message: Hello,

What a very beautiful camera. I can\'t wait to go out and make my first series of pinhole images with the zero.


Ivo bogaerts, Belgium [11/17/05]

Many thanks for your beautiful item. Delivery was so quick (5 days
between my order and the item's reception !).
I've already a lot of fun with my Zero 135 : easy to use and reliable !



Olivier BERNARD, Belgium [11/9/05]


September, 2005

Thank you very much for sending the Pin hole Camera quickly that I received today safely.

It was quite better than I thought.

Thank you,


Chu Fujiwara, Japan [9/29/05]

Just to let you know the zone plate adaptor and zone plates arrived
today. Looks an awesome piece of engineering and so functional. I
first enquired about this product several years ago but am glad that I
waited to get this version. Not only good to look at but a real easy
way to use different zone plates/pinholes in a view camera.
As always you are a pleasure to deal with. Great service, everything
very well and safely packed and above all outstanding products.


Martin White, United Kingdom [9/11/05]


I received the pinhole camera, it's awesome the quality of your product, but it isn't a product, it's an art item !

Now, I must buy some films, and I will try my new camera !!! I am sooo happy !

What a surprise, it seems very easy to use it ?!...

Thanks again, Zernike Au, and when I will think it's ok, I will share you some images for your gallery...

Best Regards !

Fortunato D'Orio

Fortunato D'Orio, France [9/7/05]


August, 2005

I have received the Zero 2000 I ordered, and would like to say how very happy I am with it. It is a little work of art. Everything about it is marvelous, including the packaging. I can't wait to buy another as a gift for someone. It is well worth the price you ask.

David McAllister, USA [8/27/05]


Thank you for producing such an amazing camera like the
zeroimage 2000. Yesterday I saw the first results - and I
can't believe, that it is just a box without a lens. Good

Cornelia Fieguth, Germany [8/13/05]


I recived my Zero 135 today very nice and well made also fast service I will try and run a film through it this week and post some images

Thank You

Dave Harle, London UK

Dave Harle, London UK [8/9/05]


July, 2005

Hello again Zernike:

I observed a trend in the 2005 WPPD gallery entries. I looked at all (1934 if I remember) the submitted images, which took quite a while.

I began to note how many of the really nice images that seemed suspectly sharp were made with Zero Image cameras. Hmmm, were these people really using lenses? Or was there some magic involved in the construction of these cameras?

A pinhole camera can be made from nearly anything with varying degrees of attention to optimizing the design. You have apparently done an outstanding job of applying the physics.

Good work and good luck!

Murray,USA [7/30/05]


J have received today your camera: it\'s a beautiful camera! J am very pleased with it.
J thank you very much for your service.
Many compliments for your site: J often visit it.
Best regards

Bruno Garavoglia, Turin, Italy [7/15/05]



My Zero 2000 arrived this morning (in the far northeast corner of the US) after only 4 days in transit. Wow!! (Why can\'t we have Speed Post here in the U.S.!?)

I have shot one roll of film already and will be doing many more tomorrow.

I can\'t believe how beautiful this little machine is, and it is so well made. I will certainly share some results with you.

Thank you so very much for your prompt attention to my order.

--martha mickles, Portland, Maine, USA

martha Mickles, Portland, Maine, USA [7/8/05]


June, 2005

Thank you very much for your beautiful Zero 612F Camera.

The camera is loaded with Kodak color negative film & I'm
really curious what the pictures I took with the zone plate look like.

So thanks again for fast shipping of this wonderful camera.

Best regards,

Heinz Peter Zimmermann, Switzerland [6/25/05]


The 6x9 camera arrived yesterday in Rotterdam.
I'ts a beauty!!!! Thanks.
I'will take some picture's today, and post them to your galery.

Best regards,

Ronald Luijten, The Netherlands [6/26/05]


I received my pinhohe camera this morning.

This is a beautiful object, made of teak wood and brass and extremely well adjusted with the backs I have (a pola 405 and a shen hao 6x12 multiformat).

I am really happy with my new toy and I will try my first picture in a few minutes...

Best regards


Francois Croizet, USA [6/25/05]


I just got it! It is a gift for my son who has won awards for his pinhole pictures at "Working Classroom" a multimedia after school, summer project art school.
It is a beauty!

George, USA [6/21/05]


I\'m really impressed about the pinhole photos from Your gallery. I visit the gallery quite often as I\'m interested in photography, and this kind of art shows totally new and different ways of expression. Your site is the best I\'ve ever visited, that\'s why I\'m always looking forward for some new authors, new ideas. As I\'m Polish, I was nicely surprised about the last pinhole photos You\'ve joined to Your gallery, I mean Mr Wroblewski\'s photos, because I wasn\'t sure if pinhole photograpy is so well known in Poland, but as I see, it is actually - those photos has made the biggest impression on me. I wonder if these are the only ones You\'ve received from Mr. Wroblewski or if these are the best ones You\'ve chosen... I would be pleased to see just a few more as I like Mr. Wrblewski\'s way of seeing so much!! Maybe it would encourage me to try pinhole photography by myself, as I was thinking about it for some time, of course thanks to Your site. So please, If You have con!
tact with Mr Wroblewski, please ask for some more photos to add to Your gallery! I\'d love to see them, and I think the other gallery-visitors would be also grateful... He\'s a real artist!
Thanks a lot for what You\'ve done for the art...Believe me, It\'s a big thing...

Best regards

Urszula Janowska

Urszula Janowska, Poland [6/6/05]


I am a very satisfied customer you make very fine cameras. Your original web site was very good, now however it is to slow to load and has lots of computer type of goofs. I still must use a dial up internet connection and your web site is set up for High Speed DSL connections. I think that DSL & Pinhole photography are on opposite sides. Oh well I just ordered a shutter for my camera, paypal is good.
Thank you keep making cameras.

John Burch, USA [6/6/05]


wow. thanks so much for the really fast delivery. my zero 2000 arrived the
other day, but work prevJanuary 14, 2014p>the camera is really beautiful. you did a great job. i also appreciated the
professional packing, the instructions and the certificate.

i will be doing test shoots this week and based on what i see i'm sure i'll
have alot of fun.

thanks again zernike. you exceeded my expectations. if you're ever in san
francisco, let me know. i'd be happy to buy you a beer!

all the best.

Fred, USA [6/5/05]


May, 2005

Thanks for the very promt service i recieved my camera within two days have taken some pictures and will post them on your site asap Kind regards Tom Docherty

Tom Docherty, United Kingdom [5/26/05]


got the zero 2000 on hand. so great, well worth! pound of you as a hong kong people! keep going to develop the polaroid pinhole camera! and wish more and more people around the world will enjoy taking pictures with your great cameras.

Philip Lau, Hong Kong [5/21/05]


My Pinhole camera 2000 is wonderfull.My first pictures (slides Provia)are very beautifull.I think I\'ll buy an other Zero in afew weeks. You are a very good worker you can be proud.Congratulations and sincerly yours Jean Luc

Jean Luc, Luxemb0urg [5/18/05]


Thanks a lot for the Zero 69 Deluxe camera. It is really very beautiful however quite small. Thinking about medium format you always mean \"the heavy weight\".Not in this case !

I received it very quick after arranging the bank wire, what really surprised me.

I hope I will order the another one -Zero 45- very soon.

Best regards

Joanna KOlczynska, Poland [5/13/05]


I just received my new Zero 2000, and it is a thing of beauty in itself. I\'ve been out making images with it and will send some along when I have a chance. Thank you for such a beautiful camera that I am proud t

Dan Lewis, Chicago, Illinois [5/12/05]


March, 2005

Subject: Thanks so much

Message: My wife bought me the 6x9 for my birthday. It\'s a beautiful camera.

Thanks again for the beautiful camera.

Herschel Pollard, [3/25/05]


One hour ago I had my camera delivered to my
house. I am very pleased to hold it in my hand.
Lokal time here is 09:44 Th. 22 Mars. Today all time
will be spent to use My Zero. There is ten filmholders
loaded and waiting to get exposed.

Per Andersson, Sweden [3/24/05]


Seeing your helpful post about the body cap reminded me to tell you how
much I love my 2000. I shoot pinhole with everything from digital SLRs to
Lubitels to Leicas but there is something about your designs that just feel
and look so good and therefore allow me to make good images. Thanks again
for a great product at a great price.

Howard Wells, USA [3/11/05]


I have received your sending to day, thanks so lot, it was very fast from Hong-Kong to my home in North America.
I\'m delighted to get a Zero-image 6X9 pinhole and I already to use it !
Best regards.

Lucien Girardin, USA [3/16/05]


My zero 2000 just arrived after very short deliverytime. I just want to say that it looks lovely, and that I\'m about to take it for a walk right away. Hoping to upload some images real soon. Thank you for good service.

Jörgen Green, Sweden [3/11/05]



RIF SPAHNI, Spain [3/2/05]


Subject: Having fun with my ZI 6x9

The new camera arrived, and it\'s a work of art, of course. It\'s so beautiful that I almost feel guilty running film through it.

Anyhow, I did run some film through it, and your exposure instructions worked perfectly.

Sean McCormick [3/2/05]


Feb, 2005

I am verry proud of my 612F, what wonderful camera. Here are some picture's for the gallerie.
To make such a beautiful camera, you must be a wonderful man.

Eddy Sloots, The Netherlands [2/25/05]


Once again excellent service and a beautiful instrument. I now have all three formats and each one is a treasured camera. Thank you again, keep up the good work - your world-wide customers are very grateful for your fine work.

John Macnally, United Kingdom [2/22/05]


Dear Sir,
I received the magnificent Zero135 pinhole camera few weeks ago. Thank You! It´s really nice piece of handcraft. I love it!! And I would like to thank You for very fast shipment also.

Tero Saarinen, Helsinki / Finland [2/16/05]


I received the magnificent Zero135 pinhole camera few weeks ago. Thank You! It´s really nice piece of handcraft. I love it!! And I would like to thank You for very fast shipment also.

Tero Saarinen, Finland [2/16/05]


I have received your sending last Friday, thanks a lot, it was very fast indeed !
I'm delighted to get a Zeroilage pinhole and I already used it !
Best regards.

Patrick Cartou, France [2/14/05]


Just a short email to say the camera arrived safe and sound and it's beautiful work - can't wait to try it out.

Justin , USA [2/7/05]


Jan, 2005

Thank you for telling me about the Epson 4990. I now do not have to do research on scanners. I have been showing off my zero image pinhole as well as my photographs; several of my friends may purchase a zero image camera because it is so beautiful. My photographer friends will rush out to purchase one because of the quality of the photographs.


Anne Brackett, USA [1/31/05]


Received my 5/4 camera thanks very
much. Looks great !

Jonathan Pollock, USA [1/27/05]


I just received your Zero 2000 camera. It took less than a week from HK to the US. It looks very beautiful. Like a collectable antique.

Soon I will be sending you some of my photos to add to your web site. This camera is definitely going into my camera bag for my next trip to Asia right along with my Minolta SR-7, Nikon S3 and Sigma SD-10.

When funds permit I will be purchasing your Zero45 camera for landscape and some studio work.

Thank you for a well made and beautiful product and your rapid service.

Tony (Las Vegas USA)
N.B. I found your company through an article in Shutterbug magazine about pinhole photography.

Tony Colonello, USA [1/21/05]


Just wanted to say that I received the camera today - it is beautiful
work of art and skill that has been put in to create such a gem.

I let you know how I get on with it.

Rosemary Charles, UK [1/21/05]

I\'ve just received the Zero 2000 camera this afternoon. It took 7 open days to travel from Honk-Kong to my \"Far West\" of France, just like you said.
I will start to us this wooden baby in few minutes.

Thanks a lot.

Yves Paubert, France [1/12/05]


I got my new camera today and am overly pleased by its packing and contents. Thank you very much, I could not be happier. By the way, I got your info from an article in a Photography magazine I read, in case you wanted to know.

Phillip Schaeffer, USA [1/11/05]


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