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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


December, 2002

The camera has arrived safely. Thank you very much for getting it to me so quickly. I am looking forward to taking my first pictures and exploring a pinhole photography. If I feel brave enough, I will send one or two to you for the Gallery.

Margaret Godel , United Kingdom [12/20/02]

i received the camera this morning. it is a true thing of beauty. thank you. i can not wait to take it out into the field (well, around New York City) and play with it. what a wonderful camera.

Jeff Opdyke, New York, USA [12/19/02]


let me say thank you very much for your brilliant pages. It is very interested, professional made with much feeling. I have enjoyed to enter your pages. Közenem ?

My best regards to all of you.

Frank Letzner , Germany [12/3/02]

November, 2002

I have just received my order. Better than I had hoped, and great speed in shipping. I will certainly be buying more from yuou in the near future. Congratulations on a great customer awareness and product!


Gerald mLewis, USA [11/3/02]

Hi. I've just received Zero2000 this morning. As soos as open the box I saw this beautiful craftsman made camera. So excited to try first shoot!

Tomoko, USA [11/27/02]


October, 2002

I just received my Zero2000 and wanted to let you know how wonderful it is. The fit and finish are perfect and under close inspection, the pinhole itself is crisp and clean. I can't wait until the weekend to shoot a roll or two of film.

Once again, thank you for such a wonderful new toy.


Bruce Klemz, PhD, USA [10/18/02]

I recieved my Zero 2000 yesterday, already! I know USPS said 2-3 day delivery time, but I honestly didn\'t believe it. Upon opening the package I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the quality and workmanship of the product, as well as it\'s appearance. Going into this purchase, I had extremely high expectations, and this camera exceeded all of them! My only sadness came that I had no time last night to actually go out and shoot some with it, but that will be fixed today. After work, it\'s off into the wild blue yonder to start shooting! I can\'t wait! You\'ll hopefully be recieving some work from me in the not too distant future.

Thanks *so* much for a wonderful transaction, and please feel free to use this email on your feedback section, everyone out there should know how great this camera is!

Mike Pittman, USA [10/9/02]


Dear Mr Au

To confirm with you I received your Deluxe Zero 6X9 camera this morning - it is beautiful. I can ot wait to use it!

I am seriously considering ordering another of the same model, so that I can keep one as a ollectors item, while making use of the other. I will run a film through first to test the cameras ability.

Thank you again for your prompt service and great innovation.

Yours sincerely

D S A Murray, United Kingdom [10/5/02]


September, 2002

That camera kicks ass man. I just got it on Friday the 13th of September. It's like a small priceless peace of furniture. It was awesome to get a package from the other side of the world just for me. I can't wait to shoot the buildings in my city, which is Philadelphia in the United States. I Can't wait to order your 4x5 later down the line.

thank you very much,

Jordan, USA [14/9/02]


July, 2002

I already have the 6x9 multi-format, and wanted to let you know that it is a wonderful camera! I have really enjoyed using it, and have gotten some good pictures from it. Everyone that I show it to really likes the fact that it's multi-format, too - it's quite a clever design, indeed.


M Billingslea, USA [21/7/02]


June, 2002

Just to let you know that I received the cameras on Friday. They are so beautiful, and lovingly made. It's so good to be using something that is not electronic or digital. When I use them I feel like I've been transported back to the previous century. Cheers

Angela Richard, Australia [17/6/02]


I just received the camera. It is very beautiful, and once again I must express my admiration for the chinese art of preparing packets. I will let you know my impression after using it. Thank you very much for the rapid shipping.

best regards

Andrea Gregori, Germany [15/6/02]


May, 2002

I received the camera today - thank you! It is absolutely beautiful - you are very talented, and obviously take a great deal of pride in your work.

Joseph Bennett, USA [30/5/02]


The camera arrived on Saturday (actually the Post Office tried to deliver it on Friday, but I wasn't home), and it is beautiful! I played with it all weekend, making a number of test shots and getting a feel for its operation. The fit and finish on all the parts was very nice, and I was really surprised at how sharply your pinholes rendered the scenes I photographed. Also, your exposure calculator worked like a charm and was most helpful.

Schuyler Grace, USA [28/5/02]


This morning I received my zero image 75 B camera. She looks swell!! I am looking forward working with it. When I have results that I like, I'll send you e-mail pictures! With friendly regards Your's

Gerrit Korn, The Netherlands [23/5/02]

Hello, I'm a big fan of the pinhole camera of your company. My name is Abico Yusuke.I'm a Japanese photographer.

Actually, I got a grand prize at "2002 PINHOLE PHOTO CONTEST" which is organized by Japan Polaroid company by your company's pinhole camera 4x5.

Thank you very much!

Abico Yusuke, Japan [14/5/02]


Camera arrived yesterday! Loaded with film and ready for a test drive. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see some images. THanks for the speedy process.

Donna, USA [10/5/02]


I received the camera today. I was very surprised that it came so quickly, considering the long trip that it made.

The workmanship is beautiful. I can't wait to give it a try.

Matthew Singer, USA [8/5/02]


April, 2002

I received my new cameras this week. I am afraid to use them...they are so beautiful...I may break them and have to buy more!!!!

A work of Art!

Regards from Washington, D.C./USA

Craig Sterling, USA [4/27/02]


Message: Thank you for the camera.

I have , at last, got a chance to try it out.

It works fine. I used Kodak Gold 200 120 Negative film and took some woodland landscapes.

There are no light leaks and the exposure times (allowing corrections for reciprocity failure) seemed to be correct.

Images are a little softer than with lensed cameras but this is what I expected and wanted.

I am going to try indoor photos and \'still life\' photos next and will try Fuji Superia 400 120 rollfilm for this because it behaves well under interior lighting with less colour cast.

Trevor Hare, United Kingdom [4/25/02]


I would just like to let you know I have received the order for the 4x5 camera today. The quality of it is much better than that I expected and I am very happy to own it. It is one of the best pinhole camera i have seen. Now I can't wait to get the other camera that I ordered. Thanks.

Chen, Canada [4/18/02]



Thank you very much I have all today camera is beautiful.

Best Regards.

Pawel Kanicki, Germany [4/11/02]


This is a great product and already have begun playing with it. I was amazed at how fast it got to me (5 days!). This camera is worth every penny. Keep up the good work.

Jason, USA [4/3/02]


March, 2002

Received my 6 x 9 Multiformat today from the Pinhole Resource in New Mexico, immediately loaded some Tri X and off I went to shoot my first roll, ran home to develope them. What a surprise!!! my negs are beautiful as is the camera, as soon as I print some of them I will email you some pics. Hopefully my images will do your beautiful camera justice. Thank you.

Leonard Neumann, USA [3/10/02]


Hi, i got the camera today. And i to have to say: -So simple, but yet so beautiful camera, work of art -Neat packaging -Very fast delivery

And also: Thanks for marking the package "gift" instead of merchandise, So it went through customs without tax!

Benny Lund, NORWAY [3/7/02]


My beautiful new camera just arrived. It is too late to use it today, so it will get its first film tomorrow. It is truly a work of art. My wife wants to display it rather than let me use it.

Thanks for the very quick service.

Jim Noel, USA [3/1/02]


February, 2002

I have just received the camera 4x5 Multiformat Zero Z50B that had requested. Congratulation is very well a marvel and this completed I congratulate them for the design and the quality of the materials of the camera, had been worthwhile to wait I hope to enjoy as much as the cameras Zero Image that I have of 6x6. To also indicate them that the camera 4x5 Multiformat and proven the back Calumet 6x7 and it works perfectly as well as the back Polaroid of Cambo.

Thank you for everything and until the next one

José Ribes Vidal, Spain [2/8/02]


January, 2002

I received the Zero 69 today...only 6 days!

It is too beautiful to use! A true work of art. My fellow teachers were very impressed!

Todd, USA [1/30/02]


Subject: They are soooooo beautiful!

Message: Hi there. Just got my 6x9 pinhole \"wonder\" in the mail. But I should be really angry with you! Building such a beautiful little gem, and then expecting us to actually use it in this merciles world! ;-)


Christopher k., USA [1/28/02]


Received my two cameras (6x9 multi-format & 4x5 multi-format).

They are beautiful. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make them.

I look forward to making pictures with them, as well as the conversations they will start with people who show interest in these gems.

Walter P Calahan, USA [1/18/02]

I wanted to write and let you know that my 4x5 camera arrived the other day in perfect condition and I\'m very excited to produce some images with it. My wife\'s father (Dennis Daigger) gave me a zero 2000 last year that I\'ve been extremely pleased with, and I\'ve made some woderful images with it. He also has a zero 2000 and your new multi format.

Heath Sandall. USA [1/15/02]


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