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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


Dec., 2009

Just a quick note to mention that I received my pinhole camera today.... I want to thank you for building such a beautiful tool for me; packaged with utmost care and attention to detail. Simply elegant... Know that I look forward to photographing with my new camera greatly! I have several projects in-line and look forward to sharing my results. Again, thank you very much.

Daniel J. Grenier, USA [23/12/09]


Nov, 2009

I must say, the Zero 2000 greatly surpassed my expectations. I really love this camera, shooting with it is such great fun!

Augustus Valentinus Behrens, [30/11/09]


I just got my Zero 69 MuktiFOrmat camera from you and I am thrilled. It is beautifully made and easy to use. I have not developed any film yet and do have a few questions that you might be able to answer for me. Do you have any charts that will indicate the exposures for 120 B&W and then color film??? It would be helpful if I could try some different ones out. Thank you again..I love it. (and my husband says it is beautiful too)

Edith Ross , USA [26/11/09]


The cameras got here in just 5 days. As usual they are BEAUTIFUL! We can't wait to start using them.

Thank you,

McIltrot, USA [12/11/09]


Hi, I've received pinhole camera well. I feel really great.
Thank you for making me happy with your strong customer support.
I really appreciate it and will use it with care. Thank you.

Best regards,

Jaeyoung, South Korea [3/11/09]


Oct, 2009

I received my Pinhole in November/December 2008 and have been having fun with it ever since. I have just now ordered a film scanner and am now for the first time seeing the results of photos(almost a years worth)taken with this wonderful camera. I am so impressed with the results. I love my little Zero 2000, it is by far my favorite camera. Thank you.

Elliétte, South Africa [2/10/09]


Aug, 2009

Wow!!!  What service! You shipped on August 27 and I received the camera on August 29. Looks beautiful. I wish we were as efficient in the USA. Thanks,

David Stanton , USA [30/8/09]


I received my cameras today, they are beautiful!!!, I didn't pay taxes :) I'm so excited. Thanks, I wil send you the first results.

María Luisa Santos Cuéllar, [15/8/09]


May, 2009

Received my camera yesterday and am very excited to try it out. It did have a shinier finish than expected. I was expecting more of a beeswax natural type finish especially with the teak wood. It is beautiful and so small. I may even take it with me backpacking in the Northwest mountains. Thanks I also have to say that calling a cardboard box a \"beautiful gift box\" is a bit much especially since your camera is so beautiful.

Theresa Redinger, USA [13/5/09]


Just a short note to say I have a new body of work using your camera at Thanks for totally inspiring me with this camera. I will be forever in love with the pinhole. You guys changed my life. Best, Michael McCrea

Michael McCrea, USA[15/5/09]


March, 2009

I just recieved my zero 2000, very beautiful thing it is. I am looking forward to getting back to film, I am so tied of the mindless digital world thanks for sparking my love of photography again. I am moving back to Tasmania Australia to live again and back to the darkroom. Very happy with my purchase.cheers Paul Gerard

Paul Gerard, Germany [7/3/09]


February, 2009

I wanted to let you know my camera arrived last Saturday the 14th, in perfect condition. I'm extremely happy with the camera. I'm having great fun using it. People are already asking me about it.

I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures, one of me using the camera this week, and the other, one of the first images I took with it. The image of me was taken today in downtown Nashville Tennessee (you can see the city in the background). I'm standing with my Zero Image 4x5, setting up to take a picture (my wife took the picture of me).

The other image was taken with the Zero Image 4x5 on my front porch. I was so anxious to try out the camera I just walked outside on the front porch and took a couple of images (25mm). I was stunned when the very first image came out so well. My wife and I love to sit on our front porch and visit with our neighbors and others who walk about the neighborhood where we live.

I thought these pictures might help you see your work results in happy people, great images; and help us all be a little closer.


Dan West, Smyrna TN, USA [22/2/09]


I just received the Zero 2000, and I would like to say that I\'m very pleased with the camera. It is truly a piece of art. I\'m looking forward to develop my first roll. Thank you and keep up the good work! Greetings from sunny Brazil, Victor.

Victor Bonomi, Brazil [28/2/09]


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Thanks to you all and happy pinholin'.

Zernike Au, President

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