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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


November, 2008

I received the Zero 2000 camera today and its beautiful!!! Thankyou you so much for the beautiful product and the superfast service! 
Srivatsa Paris, France

Srivatsa Paris, France [11/19/08]


August, 2008

I received the camera yesterday, thanks for your reactivity, cordially,

Martin Balme, France [8/30/08]


My Zero Image 612F arrived this morning. It is even more beautiful than my other Zero cameras, as well as being a useful addition to my image-making possibilities. Thank-you for the care with which you make these cameras.

Charles Hart, United Kingdom [8/27/08]



I had received the cameras this week. They look lovely. Beautiful hand made things.

Thanks a lot!

Bernardo Fiol Repiso, Spain [8/9/08]


Dear Zernike,

Today I received a beautiful Zero 612F, truly work of art. Soon I hope send you some pictures. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Raul Galusca, Spain[8/7/08]


I want to thank you for your very fast shipping! I received the parcel this morning.
Thank you also for your wonderful pinhole cameras. Just seeing it is a pleasure.

Jean-Luc Carminati, France [8/4/08]


July, 2008

Zer, For quite a few years, perhaps even a couple of decades, I've wanted to have a pinhole camera. Yesterday, July 7, I received my opportunity in the form of an extremely aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally well-conceived Zero Image 6x9 multi-format camera. thank you! The viewfinder that was included was a very pleasant surprise.

Richard Whitter, Canada [7January 14, 2014

Received Zero 69 Deluxe yesterday(Friday) Superb bit of kit. Looking forward too using it !!!

Ted Hodgson, [7/5/08]


Hi Zernike, Yesterday evening I received the camera. She's beatiful!! I'm going to take pictures whit my new pinhole camera!!! Thank you very much.



June, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the camera last week. It is very delicate and well made and it is a pleasure to take pictures with. Thank you very much!

Martynas Aleksa, Lithuania [6/3/08]


Dear Zernike, The beautiful camera is now positioned on my desk, and I discover the modern obscura here and there. Thank you for your kind and quick order follow-up. I am very happy with this camera.

Best Regards,

In Sub Song , Korea [6/7/08]


i just want to thank you for the great instructions. it was really nice how you added pictures instead of just instructions. the pinhole camera was very easy to make and it came out great. it was also nice how you gave some ideas for decorating the camera. the materials were very inexpensive and i only had to buy one thing since i had everything else. so once again, thanks for putting up great instructions on how to make a pinhole camera.

Ramya [6/3/08]


Hello- my 612F arrived perfect and I have been shooting much film and loving the camera! I will post a review in a few weeks so as to fully explore the system but I love it!

Stephen Schaub, United States [6/1/08]


May, 2008

Dear Zernike,

My camera, Zero 6X9 arrived safely yesterday and just picked it up today. Thank-you! for the fast delivery as I wanted to use this new camera for my trip, next week. Can't wait to see the beautiful images from it.

Thanks! once again.


Collin Patrick , Singapore [5/25/08]


Dear Zernike,

Hello, And thank you for the safe delivery of my camera. I took my first shott today, and I greatly enjoyed working with this beautiful little box!

Chris Wright, United Kingdom [5/24/08]


Today I received the camera in perfect condition. I am very happy with it and I think it is absolutely beautiful. I am  I hope to soon send you some of the new images!
Thank you for everything.!

Patricio Reig, Barcelona [5/15/08]


Dear Zernike,

just wanted to let you know that my camera arrived safely yesterday - thank you again for such a beautiful work of art and the very quick delivery.

kind regards,

Philip Bertling, Australia [5/7/08]


Dear Mr. Au, What a beautiful piece of art!!! I received your masterpiece and am really happy with it. Thank you for your prompt delivery, and smooth transaction. Best Regards TC Kim

Tae-Chung Ph.D, South Korea[5/6/08]


April, 2008

Hi, Camera 612F arrived in good order. I try this weekend and the results are very good. Thank you for your friendly and efficient service. Regards, jaume salau barcelona, spain

Jaume Salau Barcelona, Spain [4/1/08]


My wife ordered the Zero2000 on Saturday 29th March 2008 and I received it in the UK on Tuesday 1st April 2008. That was quicker than local mail. It looks very well made. I am very happy with this camera. I can\'t wait to use it. I would not hesitate to recommend your products. thank you Victor Somerset United Kingdom

Victor Somerset, United Kingdom [4/2/08]


Hi, Camera 612F arrived in good order. I try this weekend and the results are very good. Thank you for your friendly and efficient service. Regards, jaume salau barcelona, spain

Jaume Salau Barcelona, Spain [4/1/08]


March, 2008

Dear Zernike, Thank you very much for your consideration. I will gladdly recommend your sevice and cameras to every camera enthusiast I know. Sincerely, Dave Culpin

Dave Culpin, United Kingdom [3/31/08]


i have received today your camera,
it is looks great!
thank you very much for your help and camera

Marek Petruczynik, Poland [3/28/08]


Just let you know, the ordered zero 2000 6x6 pinhole camera arrived today. Congrats for the express post. Thanks a lot.

Kindly regards,

Laszlo Varga, Hungary [3/21/08]



Thanks for the super quick porecessing even if its hollyday!!!

You have been very very nice and reliable as laways, Im looking forward for my camera! :-D

thanks again

LUCA DI SALVO, Italy [3/24/08]


Just let you know, the ordered zero 2000 6x6 pinhole camera arrived today. Congrats for the express post. Thanks a lot.

Kindly regards,

Laszlo Varga, Hungary [3/21/08]


Thank You very much for the delivery of this camera. Exellent Design and Quality !! There was included a viewfinder. Please give me informations how to use this viewfinder (135 typ) Best Regards

Horst Hoffmann, Germany [3/21/08]


Feb., 2008

Hi Zernike ! Zero 69 received yesterday ! Very very beautiful ! I'll use the Zero Image gallery... Thanks for all and best regards from France. Ivan.

Ivan Richier, France [2/26/08]


Hi, Today I received the Zero 69 camera. I wanted to let you know my first impression: WOW ! I can't wait to see the result of the pictures. Thanx for the quick delivery. Yours, Maurice Foulon

Maurice Foulon, Netherlands [2/29/08]


Zernike ,
Wow , You managed to get my camera to me quicker than being sent from here !! What a thing of beauty !! Quite a few of my friends will be buying from you now i think !!
Thankyou for such great service !
All the best

John, Mark Longdin, United Kingdom [2/25/08]


You did it again! I received my Zero 2000 in 3 days from order and it, like the 4x5 is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship. Thanks again for a great camera...more than expected!

Hugh Smith, United States[2/21/08]


Thanks for the very quick delivery of my new 5x4 system. I have to say that the quality and workmanship is simply outstanding. If anyone is thinking of trying pinhole photography, then this is the only system to have... Thanks again for your service

p.s. I'm so pleased with the 5x4 system that I have just ordered the 2000 also.

Mark Longdin, England [2/14/08]


I'm totally moved by your one of the world-finest arts. this camera is just simply beatiful.

I think you already reached to the stage of perfection with your work.

Simple but elegant and harmonized concept of box art, manual, certificate, and view finder are also outstanding. From them, I feel your delicate touch and pride to your works.

I'm sure that your works will be essentialy collectible items soon in the camera history.

I can't help myself being your fan.

Thank you.

Sang-Kee Kang from Texas, United States[2/9/08]


Jan., 2008

I received pinhole camera Zero 50B and Viewfinder today. Thank you for your quickly correspondence.

3 years ago I bought Zero 2000. I think pinhole camera in your company is of exquisite workmanship.

I expect to take a wonderful picture in the zero 50B.

Hisayoshi Haba, Japan[1/17/08]


I received the camera yesterday and am very impressed. When I get my first photographs, I will upload a few for your website. I am very impressed with this little camera and it is beautifully done. I am making a few adjustments, you might want to consider for yourself. I will purchase a few short coil springs for the brass knobs. I think they will work better than rubber bands. May I also suggest a plate reel with some sort of "bump" to make movement in the camera easier. Other than that, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Hugh Smith, United States [1/21/08]


A really fast shipping and a very beautiful camera.
Perhaps i will order another one soon.

Best regards.

MICKAEL FERRARO, France [1/4/08]


Received the 6x9 in time for xmas. It is a beauty. Will be seeing results soon and look forward to posting pix.
Thanks again.

Todd McMullen, United States[1/2/08]


Hello :> My Zero 2000 arrived today, our New Year\'s Eve, which in Scotland, as in China, is a very auspicious time. It\'s an excellent product, very well made, and I\'m looking forward to using it in the new year. My best wishes to you and your staff and family for a healthy and prosperous 2008 when it arrives. Thanks again.

Best regards.

Alan Mackie, Troon, Scotland [1/4/08]


Dec, 2007

I have recieved Zero items, are very good looking! Thanks for fast shipment. I feel fine, I will order again. Best Regards.

Kazumasa Kurokawa, Japan [12/19/07]


Dear Zernike Au, Camera is safely arrived. It's very beutiful ! You made a really good job and I look forward to enjoy it. This time they asked to me EUR 45,00. Anyway, never mind. I take this occasion to wish you all the best for these holydays and an Happy New Year. Kindest Regards,

Andrea Delmonte, Italy [12/19/07]


Many,many much more than a Pinhole...My Deluxe zero 2000 is just a master piece of wood and brass......Thank you very much Nito

Prioli fabrice, France [12/18/07]


i just brought this zero 612b it\'s great and thanks for bring such a cool camera.


Ping, United States [12/18/07]


I have received my zero 2000 few days ago. Thank you very much for the beautiful product and fast shipment! Today I\'ve exposed my first roll and now I\'ve just developed it! Gorgeous!! Thak you, Gianluca Zannoni

Gianluca Zannoni, Italy [12/15/07]


Nov, 2007

Dear Zernike Au, I have shown my 612B to friends and i told them that you are the best pinhole maker. And i believe its true !  They found my camera beautiful and amazing. And my first shoots as a stimulating and encouraging start.

Patrick  Lallemand , Paris, France [11/27/07]


Hi, Camera arrived in good order. Looks good, will try it out this weekend and let you know how I get on. Thank you for your friendly and efficient service.


Derek, United Kingdom [11/8/07]


Dear Zernike Au, just to inform you that I have just received the camera. I give it a quick look and everything seems in order. Many thanks for your kindness and for sending me the camera so quickly. See you soon, bye.

Matteo Cantoro, Italy [11/7/07]


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