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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.

December, 2001

My new camera, the 6x9 multi-format, arrived yesterday. It is beautiful! Thank you for your prompt attention. And thank you even more for designing and building a wonderful camera.

Michael Heider, USA [12/25/01]


Dear Zernike,

I received your beautiful camera! I was touched by the simple and professional way it was packaged... the lovely labels from hand drawn sketches, the perfect simple boxes, the tissue, the manual... wonderful.

The camera is stunning! A true hand crafted gem. You are a true craftsman... Thank you so much for your efforts and your talents...

I appreciate the nominal fee for duty and the speed of which it arrived...


Carolyn, Canada [12/8/01]


I just received my new 6X9 Multi-Format Zero Image Pinhole Camera. I have shot a test roll of film but I have not seen the results yet. However, I can tell you this: If I never take another picture with this camera, I wil get my money\'s worth just by leaving it out and enjoying it as an object of beauty.

Albert Catasus, USA [12/8/01]


hello Zernike,

the 4x5 camera came today and is beautifully designed. am very anxious to use it. thank you for the fast shipment and for including the lovely photograph with it.

Claudia Smith, USA [12/1/2001]


November, 2001

your beautyful Zero 4x4 camera arrived last week and I must say \"It is also a piece of art - just like the Zero 2000 and the Zero 6x9\". I already took some fine Pola-pinhole-pictures with my new camera and now I want to try my first zone-plate-pictures. Although exposure-time will be very short I hope to get good results. I\'ll send you my first zone-plate-trials pretty soon. Greetings from Germany to Hongkong and keep pinholing rolling!

Wolfram Schürmann, Germany [11/18/01]


The 4x5 arrived today safe and sound. I must compliment you on the terrific job building this camera. A work of art that I am sure will create works of art. Very nicely done. Thank you. I will be ordering another model from you in the near future.

Gary Inglese, USA [11/8/01]


October, 2002

I have received items below today with thanks. 4x5 camera is nice and simple and well made. I shall enjoy it. Are you stepping up to 8x10 ? Kind regards,

Yagiu [10/29/01]


Camera arrived today! Beautifull as always! Congratulations on this new model. First pictures are being taken. I look forward to the results.

Best regards

Maurice BARNICH, Luxembourg [10/29/01]

Received my new 4X5 camera today. Looking forward to trying it out. It's a] thing of beauty!!

Thank you.

Kent Stewart, USA [10/28/01]


I just got my camera in today. Thanks so much for your speedy delivery! I am so excited to use it! It came just in time for me to take on my trip to the Smokey Mountains this weekend! THANKS!


Celeste Brignac, USA [10/26/01]


I received the camera yesterday and hastily took a roll of film with it today. The camera is much more beautiful in my hand than a picture could describe. Thank you for this. :) I

Tim Powell, USA [10/25/01]

I have received the camera today. It is really nice, and I shall enjoy using it. Thank you.

Yagiu, Japan [10/21/01]


September, 2001

I received the camera in the mail today, and I wanted to express my delight! The camera is really beautiful, and I can tell (as a woodworker

myself) that true skill and love went into its making. I'm anxious to put some film into it and use it! I have shown it to a dozen people already, and I would imagine you will be getting more orders from Minnesota! Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Tony Pollock, USA [9/21/01]

I just received the camera yesterday safely. I would like to thank you - the camera looks great. Now it is time to test it and hopefully I can send you some interesting results soon. Thank you very much again and all the best for you! Many greetings to Hong Kong from Berlin!

Tobias Schneider, Germany [9/17/01]


Your absolutely beautiful camera arrived today and I am so grateful for it that these words can not do justice to how wonderful it is... a true work of art. And, made all the more special by the inscription.... thank you so much. I was so excited to see it that I raced out and bought a tripod that would be just for the camera... a new very lightweight model that can fold up into a shoulder bag along with the camera and a dozen rolls of film.

When it is time to do the next edition I will place a picture of it directly into the Pinhole Chapter along with some images that were made with it... perhaps one of your own if you are so inclined.

Thank you again... I will show many people the camera and talk about it during my lectures, workshops, and classes.

You are a true craftsman.

Christopher James

Department Chair / Photography The Art Institute of Boston USA [9/5/01]


August, 2001

Your zero 2000 camera is my favorite of many pinhole cameras I have. Some handmade and others bought made. the 6 x 9 is a ltd edition as well so I wanted to get one before it sold out ! many thanks,

Gina Bellando, USA [8/27/01]


Thanks. By the way, the Zero is a wonderful tool & I love the images it produces. Very cool. In the next month or so I hope to buy your new 6x9 version. Nice to have you around!

Pat Garner, USA [8/27/01]


I received the Zero Multi-Foramt camera the other day...... It's a beautiful piece of art all by itself!

Randy, USA [8/22/01]

Hi, the camera arrived today, it looks really nice. Thanks !

Dr. Wilfried Forschner [WIF], Germany [8/17/01]


I want to tell you that I've seen my first few rolls of film taken with my new Zero 2000 6x9. Just terrific! I'm very impressed with the camera and I'm going through film at an alarming rate - it's a lot of fun. The camera is also quite a conversation piece; people stop and ask me about it all the time.

Dave Trulli, USA [8/13/01]


July, 2001

Craig G Stevens--the multi-format is wonderful! Having a great time with it--making many new friends just by people seeing it

Craig G. STeven, France [7/11/01]


June, 2001

Thank you! I love my camera so much I just ordered another, this time the zone plate version.

I've moved to downtown Baltimore, and I've been exploring my new surroundings with my Zero 2000. I hope to have some images for your web site soon!

Thank you again for making such a wonderful camera. And beautiful, too - when it's not being used, my Zero 2000 is itself on display in my home.

Keep up the great work... I'm sure it won't be long before I move up to your 6x9 multi-format... I find your cameras hard to resist :)

Best wishes for the continued prosperity of Zero Image Company.

Eric Vessey, USA [6/26/01]


My camera arrived while I was traveling on business, I was very pleased when I returned home and examined it. I'm looking forward to taking some pictures this week. You produce truly the most innovative, well designed and expertly assembled pin hole cameras I've seen.

Gary, USA [6/18/01]


Tanx a lot , i got the camera!

*You're the master in pinholes!*

I wish you eternal ideas


Daniel spehr, Switserland [6/6/01]


May, 2001


The Zero 6 x 9 arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It's really a work of art and you are to be congratulated. I purchased it for a close friend.

Hopefully, I'll order another soon.

Thanks again and warmest regards.

Bob Bernstein, [24/5/01]


i would also like to mention that i have enjoyed the zero2000 as well to this point. it has proven to be quit a useful tool in my art work and my instruction at school. i can only imagine how much more usful the z69 will be.

i hope to see some other great products come out of your shop, such as a multiformat camera w/ interchangable pin/zone plates. i admire your passion and craftsmanship and will be waiting for anything else you might have up your creative sleeve.

Aron Johnson, Kuwait [23/5/01]


Hello Zernike Au,

I received my Zero 6X9 camera today and I have to thank you for creating such a marvellous object. Holding it in my hands it is possible to imagine what photographic life might have been like in the days of Foxtalbot. I am 'soooooo' looking foward to taking pictures with it!

Richard Charles Miller, Vancouver, Canada. [19/5/2001]


My camera arrived today. It is beautiful! I can't wait to get some film and try it out.

Thank you very much!

Philip Bowser Roseburg, Oregon USA [15/5/2001]


Dear Zernike,

thanks for the very prompt reply! I have to say that I now own both the pinhole and zone plate Zero 2000 cameras, and I love them so much I'm considering selling my Canon and Mamiya equipment to focus on the fascinating images your beautiful camera produces. Keep up the wonderful work of putting the magic back into photography!

Steve Button, from Czech Republic [4/5/2001]


April, 2001

I took the 6x9 camera to the New York Stereoscopic Society <> meeting last night. I've been talking about camera design with some fellow MF stero photographers and they wanted to see the camera you build.

Everyone thought the camera design was very clever and that the fit and finish was excellent. A couple of them may even but one.

Brian Reynolds, USA [21/4/2001]


I just received my first three rolls of Fuji transparency film taken w/ my pin hole camera. They are quite beautiful. Thank you for making such a nice camera. I am having two images scanned and will send you jpegs when I have them in the computer.

I must say that with the bubble level and the cable release adaptor (plus a small stop watch I bought) the camera is quite as easy to use as my Fuji GSW690III camera! Very fun. The infinite depth of field is very beautiful, and the overall "sharp and soft-at-the-same-time" look of the images is just great.

Sorry to take up your time, but I wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful and functional camera.

Warm regards,

R. SCOTT ADAMS, USA [19/4/2001]

I received my 6x9 camera today and it is really a splendid work of art, almost too nice to use! Great job, keep on using your designing and crafstmans skills so I can add to my collection. Any possibility of a curved rear film-plane camera in the future? (i.e. like the back of a coffee can in shape.

Jim Knipe, USA [12/4/2001]


Hi Zernike,

I received the package today and many thanks for getting it to me quickly. I am sure my husband will cherish it and will get years of use from it...

Many thanks,

Karen Bove Bettis, USA [10/4/2001]


March, 2001

I received my 6 x 9 pinhole camera yesterday and was suprised to find out how beautiful it was!!! It arrived very quickly and is indeed a finely crafted camera. I cannot wait to try it out next week on my visits to the West Coast.

Perry Dilbeck, USA [21/3/2001]


Oh WOW!! I can't thank you enough! I received the Deluxe 6X9 pinhole ZeroImage camera and it is so much more beautiful than I expected. You are an exceptional craftsman; this camera is a work of art. I will be using it extensively in the next week or so, and I'll let you know how the images turn out.

Now, I can't wait to order a Zone Plate version as well!!

Thanks again, Zernike!

Steve Vance, USA [16/3/2001]


February, 2001

the Camera is a wonderful Objekt. Thanks for shipping to Neuss.

Best Regards,

Harald Happekotte, Germany [28/2/2001]


I have received today (17/2) the zero multi format camera. It's very beautiful. Tomorrow I will go to see near Genova, I will bring her with me and I'll try the first film with the marvelous camera.

thanks a lot

bye bye

Danilo Pedruzzi (BERGAMO) Italy [18/2/2001]


Today, only five days after my order was submitted, I have received the Zero 2000 wooden pinhole camera in 6 x 6 format. What a joy as an object, beautifully constructed, simple in design and well packaged.

I look forward to using the camera in the next few days and, if suitable, will share the results with you.

Thank-you for such a fine service,


Martin Reekie, United Kingdom [13/2/2001]


January, 2001

Heloo! i just recieved my camera, it is definitely a work of craftsmanship/art. i can't wait to use it. we have dark gray skies all day, if you wakeup with out a watch it could be 3pm and you'd never know it!

i'll send u pix when i start to use it.!!!


Irene H. Kuniyuki, USA [21/1/2001]


Dear Zernike,

Less than 14 days from the moment I subscribed the money to your banc till the postman brought the zero 2000 pinhole. Very fast, first class delivery. I just opened your well-packed box and from the first moment I was attracted by the way the camera looks, small but beautiful.

Tomorrow I will make a few tests on Fuji Provia film in order to see the image sharpness, because I've seen the pictures only with a resolution of 72 dpi (on internet).

After some time, I'll surely send pictures to exhibit in your gallery.

Best regards and I'll follow up your site. Ludo Noël, Belgium [18/1/2001]



Several months ago I purchased one of your pin-holes... I have never had more fun shooting in my life. I own a Communication and Design firm in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, USA... I started my career as a photographer in LA. I try to shot client jobs myself, whenever I get the chance. Recently, I used my Zero Image on a job for work. The client loved the shots.

I will forward some of the shots. If you wish, feel free to use the photos. I am also using other pin-hole shots for all of Human's self promotional work. I commend you for creating an awesome, design masterpiece.

Will you also be developing any other formats... 4x5, 8x10, 6x12, 6x17, I can't wait to get my multi-format pinhole. keep up the great work and thanks.

David Gensler, USA [3/1/2001]


thank you so much for your x-mas-greetings and for your extraordinary Zero 6x9. It just arrived in time and I will go out now to take the first pictures with it. "Pinholing" with your very fine cameras is a real fun.

Best regards - and keep pinholing rolling!

Wolfram Schürmann, Germany [25/12/2000]


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