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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


March, 2010

I\'ve just received the zero 45 camera, it\'s wonderful!Can\'t wait to try it out! thank you very much and greetings from Italy, Filippo

Filippo, Italy[6/3/10]


Feb, 2010

I have received the camera. It's very very nice..
Thank you so much!

Have a nice day,

Hoang Anh
(maybe I will buy your 6x6 soon :o) )

Hoang Anh, Vietnam [26/2/10]


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Words from our President
We must say thanks to all our customers who order our cameras and let us have a chance to hear the their comments. I also special thanks to those who submitted their wonderful images to our site to share with all peoples from all over the world. I am really appreciated and impressed.

Thanks to you all and happy pinholin'.

Zernike Au, President

Zero Image Co.






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