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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


Dec, 2007

I have recieved Zero items, are very good looking! Thanks for fast shipment. I feel fine, I will order again. Best Regards.

Kazumasa Kurokawa, Japan [12/19/07]


Dear Zernike Au, Camera is safely arrived. It's very beutiful ! You made a really good job and I look forward to enjoy it. This time they asked to me EUR 45,00. Anyway, never mind. I take this occasion to wish you all the best for these holydays and an Happy New Year. Kindest Regards,

Andrea Delmonte, Italy [12/19/07]


Many,many much more than a Pinhole...My Deluxe zero 2000 is just a master piece of wood and brass......Thank you very much Nito

Prioli fabrice, France [12/18/07]


i just brought this zero 612b it\'s great and thanks for bring such a cool camera.


Ping, United States [12/18/07]


I have received my zero 2000 few days ago. Thank you very much for the beautiful product and fast shipment! Today I\'ve exposed my first roll and now I\'ve just developed it! Gorgeous!! Thak you, Gianluca Zannoni

Gianluca Zannoni, Italy [12/15/07]


Nov, 2007

Dear Zernike Au, I have shown my 612B to friends and i told them that you are the best pinhole maker. And i believe its true !  They found my camera beautiful and amazing. And my first shoots as a stimulating and encouraging start.

Patrick  Lallemand , Paris, France [11/27/07]


Hi, Camera arrived in good order. Looks good, will try it out this weekend and let you know how I get on. Thank you for your friendly and efficient service.


Derek, United Kingdom [11/8/07]


Dear Zernike Au, just to inform you that I have just received the camera. I give it a quick look and everything seems in order. Many thanks for your kindness and for sending me the camera so quickly. See you soon, bye.

Matteo Cantoro, Italy [11/7/07]


Oct, 2007

The 75 camera arrived today, just four days from Hong Kong to New York.
I must congratulate you on a very beautiful camera and I look forward to
spending many hours using it, together with admiring the aesthetics of such simplicity.

Kind regards
Peter Montgomerie
Peter Montgomerie, USA [10/23/07]


Thanks very much for the prompt service. The camera has just arrived (no import charges!) and I am going out to try out my first pictures. I'll try some mono first so that I can develop them myself.

Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall, Great Britain [10/19/07]


what a beauty... first roll inside, waiting to be exposed:) thanks for the declaration of a "woodenbox" didn't have to pay VAT up here:)
thanks also for the excellent communication regarding purchase of camera
if you are interested, i will share the first few images via flickr with you... might take a couple of weeks, since i am traveling a fair bit in the next few weeks.

Jorg Sundermann Kent, United Kingdom [10/10/07]


I just received my Zero 69 multi-format pinhole camera. It\'s absolutely beautiful and I can\'t wait to use it. Delivery time is astonishingly good: from order time, despite a postal strike here in the UK, this arrived in 72 hours.

Rachel, United Kingdom [10/10/07]


Oct, 2007

Dear Zernike, I today received the camera. Your shipment is excellent. It is a pleasure to work with you!

Best Regards, Ivan

Ivan, Denmark [9/17/07]


Just wanted to let you know that I got my camera today in the mail. I could not believe how fast it arrived in the mail. I wasn\'t to thrilled to have to go out and purchase a pinhole camera for my photo class but after getting my camera in the mail I am super excited. I cannot wait to go out and start taking shots. Thanks for the speedy service and awesome new toy.

Kent, United States [9/6/07]


I JUST recieved your camera! What a beautiful piece of work! A lot of pride went into this camera! I have a roll of film thawing out right now! Since I never get to shoot wide angle, I think my first roll will be the full 6x12!~ THere is so much to learn, but , as a musician I love the fact that one must almost BECOME the camera( like with a musical instrument!), in order to become adept at mastering it~ No doubt I will have questions, but for now, I feel like I should put on an old pair of knickers, a wool cap and make my first photos, like our great grand parents did, only without such a beautiful camera in their hands!~ Sincerely yours, Ken Carpenter~usa

Ken Carpenter, USA [9/7/07]


Aug, 2007

Dear Zernike
The parcel containing all the items arrived this morning - much faster than our internal post here in the UK!

Many thanks and best wishes

John Furlong, United Kingdom [8/20/07]


I picked up the camera today and I really have to say thank you. It was quite a journey to find your office but finally it wasn't that difficult. I am kinda surprised how small the camera is. I usually work with Mamiya and Hasselblad medium format cameras and based on this experience a expected something bigger. But what a pleasent surprise, what a neat surpise. Even I don't have shot a film with it I already like the camera. So again, thank you. Mark

Mark, Germany [8/16/07]


July, 2007

I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with the Zero 2000 Deluxe camera that I picked up at your office on June 23. I took it to Lamma Island that afternoon. The camera is very easy to use and the results were excellent. (Two of the photos are attached.) I ordered a second Zero 2000 Deluxe today from your website to give to my son who is an artist-photographer. I'm sure he will enjoy his camera as much as I am enjoying mine.

Thank you again,

John Lehmann, Hong Kong [7/3/07]


June, 2007

Got my 6x9 deluxe today - thank you. Problem: It looks so beautiful that I\'m not sure I should actually use it :) Actually, can\'t wait to start putting some film through it. Take Care, Bob

Bob, United States [6/8/07]


Good afternoon. Zero 135 basic caméra well réceived very fastly and in very good conditions. Very beautifull ! Thank you .

J.P.Martin, France [6/7/07]


May, 2007

HI, The camera arrived today and it is gorgeous! I think it is finished better than my Mamiya 7... it is so exquisite that I am reluctant to take it out in my camera bag and and maybe scratch it. Thanks

Oliver Cardona, Australia [5/16/07]


Hi Zernike, just a quick message to say that the cameras arrived safe and sound yesterday - what a fantastic service! I think that is actually quicker delivery than a complany in England could offer!!! Anyway, I'm delighted with the quality and workmanship of the cameras, they are so beautiful I'm almost reluctant to use them - but I know I will be using them LOTS! I cannot wait to take some photos with them, once I have some good shots I will send them over for inclusion on your website.

Thanks for all your help, very much appreciated. All the best,

Andy, United Kingdom [5/11/07]


I just got the Zero45 deluxe yesterday. It is a beautiful camera. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with it, and hopefully more. Thanks.

Steven Law, USA [4/25/07]


Hello Zernike Au,

I just received your masterpiece camera. It is really gorgeous.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Evgeny Bulgakov, Israel [5/9/07]


April, 2007

I just want to say that I just received my Zero Image 4x5 camera and it is everything I expected to be, can't wait to take pictures with it!

thanks again

David Pisani, Spain [4/25/07]


My husband and I just returned from a lensless photography symposium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are the most enthusiastic winners of a 6X9 Zero Image! Thank you so much for this gift. We had been wanting a pinhole for some time.

Sam and Tom Robbins, USA [4/30/07]


Just received my zero 2000 today, can\'t wait to try it out. It\'s beautifully finished compared to a cheap imitation pinhole from another manufacturer which scratched all my films. Delighted with the camera, many thanks, Damian

Damian Drohan, Ireland [413/07]


March, 2007

I just picked up my Deluxe Zero 612F from the post office.  When I got home and unwrapped it I was struck by the elegant beauty of the camera.  Your photos online do not do your craftsmanship justice!  What a remarkable piece of art.  I can hardly wait for a sunny day to try it out.  I'll forward images when I get them.

Sincerely impressed, I am,

Mary Beth, USA [3/19/07]


Dear Zernike This is to let you know I have receive my new 612F and the first roll is processed, I must say I\'m very impressed. I look forward to the nicer weather to take it out more. The camera is fantastic, it\'s even better then you make it out to be, this is truly an amazing and beautiful piece. Again thank you so much for this incredible camera.

Alex Saucier, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [3/17/07]


Thanks for the camera frames.

Your camer's are bueatiful simple and elegant- everything a camera should be.

William Roush, USA [3/16/07]


I received my Zero 2000 this past saturday. Now I have been a pro-photog for going on 25 years. I have owned many camera, even owned an 8x10 deardorf for a number of years. I have to say that you guys create a beautiful camera. It is so much like a work of art. I can tell from my first couple of rolls that the added cable release will be well worth the cost. Kudos to you, excellent work, perfect. Allan Rosen-Ducat

Allan Rosen-Ducat, USA [3/13/07]


I received my camera today. thank you for your prompt and knowledgeable service.

David Dame, USA [3/67/07]


Received my Zero2000DeLuxe last week, with the certificate signed on my birthday, couldn\'t have planned it better! The first roll of film is exposed and developed, and I must say I\'m amazed! This is * very * nice! I\'m going to have a lot of fun with this! Even the non-photographers are amazed when they see me with this nice wooden box! :-)

Jacco de Kraker , Netherlands [3/2/07]


Feb, 2007

Dear Zernike, these lines just to tell you  that the camera was succesfully received by Rosario and it was certainly a complete sucess. Thanks,

Sebastian, Canada [2/17/07]


just picked up a Polaroid 405 back for pack film to go with the Zero 4x5. It works really well and makes traveling nice. Thanks for such a wonderful camera!

Amy Hinson, USA [2/13/07]


I received my Zero135 today. It arrive in perfect condition. The camera is nicer than I imagined. I was reading through the instructions on loading the camera.

Fernando Semedo , Canada [2/6/07]


Jan, 2007

I just received the pinhole camera i ordered, thank you very much for being so fast.

Boris Drenec, France [1/27/07]


To Zernike Au--I just received my new Zero pinhole camera and it is even more beautiful than the one that was stolen, if possible. Thanks so much! I'll be sending some pictures for the gallery soon.

Marguerite Hossler, USA [1/27/07]


My Zero 200 arrived today. Great service. The workmanship in the camera is just fabulous.

many thanks

Jeffrey Rowe, Australia [1/25/07]


Hello , just to say that the 612F camera arrived here in the UK yesterday. The service and the camera are just excellent. Thank you very much. Regards,

Peter Owen, United Kingdom [1/24/07]


Dear Zernike, I've received the 612B today. It's a very well made and wonderful camera. Also, thank you very much for your NICE shipping and refund services. Best regards,

IL-KWON MOON, Ph.D., South Korea[1/23/07]


Dear Zerrike Au,

Today I got my camera.. everything seems fine with the beauty so I am very happy!

On my website you see the first project I did with one of your pinhole camera's. There will be more following.

Kind regards,

Marcel, NETHERLANDS [1/18/07]


Just wanted to say thanks for dealing with my order so efficiently. I received it much quicker than expected, only 4 working days after ordering. I am delighted with this beautifully made camera (Zero 2000 deluxe) and can't wait to get started. I was inspired to try pinhole photography by the wonderful pinhole images by Steve Gosling which have appeared in several UK photo magazines recently.

Kind regards

Sue Heath , United Kingdom [1/16/07]


Hi Zernike,
I just wanted to give you a short feedback about my order:

It´s been delivered this morning. After a very short look at the manual, I prepared an old IFORD FP4 Plus S/W and drove
to a lake 6 km from my home town. The weather´s been really bad today. Very cloudy with lots of wind and rain. (well,
northern part of Germany ;-)) I took this first picture with the ZI 135 deluxe. The "Multisix"-meter and your manual recommended
4 min of exposure. So I did and..... look!

I went back home and with a very basic set of tools I worked out this picture. This is original with no work on Photoshop!

Thanks for the fast delivery and this wonderful camera. And many thanks for writing a second invoice for the customs!!!!!!
Great! I will recommend you on my website and will buy another camera later on.

You´ll hear from me soon with new pictures and a link to my homepage.

Thanks again

Joerg , Germany [1/14/07]


My beautiful camera has arrived. Here is what I write about your company:

You couldn't have done a better job on the camera or the customer service if you tried!



Dear Wernike Au, My Zero 2000 camera arrived this morning, 8 am UK time.That is fast. It is very beautifully made. I have already loaded a film, now if the rain would stop I could go and make photographs. Thank you very much.

Charles Hart, United Kingdom [1/12/07]


Dec, 2006

Americans come to buy your cameras because they are beautiful and give many hours of photographing pleasure. The 45 model has been wonderful to shoot with. I love all the new accessories you have created for them.

However, I won't be traveling to Hong Kong anytime soon. I have written to Calumet and asked why they don't carry your exposure scale in addition to the spirit level and the cable release. Maybe if I ask enough they might do so. In the mean time let me investigate to see if there are any alternatives available.

Esther Kibby , USA [12/12/06]


dear Zernike...
the refund for the cancelled Cable Release Adaptor went through ...thank you!

and today, we received the new 612B
it's so beautiful...will make a good combination with the zero 4x5 that we already have...


merry christmas...
sara peterson..

SARA PETERSON , USA [12/15/06]


Hi Zernike
camera arrived today thank you. My wife has just wrapped it, so that I can't see it until Christmas Day. Good things come to those who wait.

Rob Lycett , United Kingdom[12/16/06]


Hello Zernike Au! Thanks big, yesterday I have received the kamera. Everything is all right. Has photographed a test film - good result! Is glad to buy from you! Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!

Alexander Bushenev, Russia [12/16/06/06]


Hello, My name is David Martins, I\'m a historian as well as a photographer and I leave in Lisbon, Portugal. I would like to congratulate you, both on your site and your cameras. I must have spent hours studying your cameras, the galleries and all the information. I enjoyed it all so much that I ended up buying your zero 2000 just a few minutes ago.


David Martin, Portugal [12/21/06]


Dear Zernike, Yesterday I received your new viewfinder. Very nice and useful for me. Thanks again. Tomas

Tomas Sipka, Czech Republic [12/6/07]


Nov, 2006

Just to say the order has arrived. Cheers for that. Am looking forward to using it. also hope to use web gallery space. I got a zero 2000 6x6 from the Photographers Gallery in London a few weeks back and am pleased with the results.
More later.

Chris Kidd , United Kingdom [11/13/06]


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