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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


December, 2003

today i received the zero2000 basic camera and i am so pleased with your services!
fast delivery and wonderful craftsmanship! i love the camera, the material feels so genuine and i like the combination of the teak wood and brass. so simple, but so luxurious.

thank you for your servicemindedness and i am looking forward to trying out the camera and hopefully contributing with a few photos to the gallery.

best regards and a happy new year to all of you,

anne majakari

Anne Majakari, Sweden [12/30/03]


I received the 135 for my birthday on December 27. The camera is absolutely gorgeous. Your workmanship is exquisite. My family couldn\'t say enough about your wonderful, timely service and I have never received a more lovely gift. We were especially touched by the hand written holiday greetings on the mail package.

Wishing you peace, love and prosperity in 2004.

Betsy Fitzpatrick, USA [12/29/03]


They are Beautiful!
Thank you for the exposure scale, I'm sure that I will find it useful
I will forward a .jpg from the scans of my first efforts
I pleasure to do business with you!
Sandy Rothberg

Sandy Rothberg, USA [12/23/03]


Zernike - the camera has arrived and as I have come to expect - IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for rushing to assure its arrival by Christmas - and thanks for the handwritten holiday cheer in the shipping carton. All the best for a wonderful holiday season - I am wishing, hoping, praying and working for world peace in the New Year.

Fond regards, Cindy Robbins

Cindy Robbins, USA [12/19/03]


The 75B package arrived today and I am very pleased. While I need to wait until Xmas for a real look I did take a quick check and am very impressed with your design and workmanship. Every detail right down to the professional packaging, boxes etc... shows the care that went into your product. I wish every manufacturer though as you do.

I will follow up after I get to try it out next week. Again, thanks for the fast shipping, great product and the cheery Xmas greetings on the box! Have a great Holiday yourself as well.

Tony Miller, USA [12/19/03]


The camera arrived this morning, so that I can shoot in the studio with it on mondays. I thank you a lot for the quick handling of this order.
It was a pleasure ordering one of your cameras again.

Best Regards,

Erik de Wildt, Holland [12/1/03]


The camera arrived today december 6. That is remarkably fast! I am very happy with it. It is beautiful.
My compliments for the packaging. I have been doing business on the internet for quite some time now and i have never experienced a more economic, sturdy and at the same time nice way of packaging.
Also the camera is beautifully made with fine attention to detail. The same for the manual & calculator.
I am sure i will be using it with pleasure for years to come.

Glowing with happiness (according to my daughter),
Best regards

Rob Mast, USA [12/8/03]


November, 2003

O.k., ieri ho ricevuto le camere 135 e Zero 612 F; molto belle.

Vincenzo Marzocchini, Italy [11/27/03]


The 6x12 camera is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! The best pinhole camera I own for sophistication, quality of craftsmanship, and beauty of the wood & metal.

The 35mm camera is ingenious! I knew you had a working solution for keeping the film light tight, but I couldn't figure out how until I saw the instructions. Bravo. And to get number 0001 is a big treat.

I was out shooting with both today, as well as the other cameras you make.

Gave a talk on pinhole photography to a group of professional photographers at the home of one of National Geographic's staff photo editors. They loved seeing your workmanship, as well as the quality results I'm getting on film. I gave out your web site address to all who asked. I hope it generates sales for you.

Again, you 6x12 camera is a work of art!


Walt Calahan, USA [11/22/03]


I received the cameras 135 today, and the packaging was OK
The Cameras were OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK !!
I'll try this fabulous cameras next weekend, I'm impatience to see how they work.
Thanks again

Best regards

Danilo Pedruzzi, Italy [11/18/03]


I have received the 4X5 today, it's very pretty! :) I have yet taken any pictures with it, but I will certainly submit pictures to Zero Image's gallery as soon as I can!
Thank you so much for the fabulous camera, Zernike!

V. Kwok, USA [11/18/03]


Thank you for your prompt delivery of it. The transaction was perfect.
I have just received my camera (6 buis. days after shippment),
the package was beautifully and in perfect condition
The camera is beautifully made (but i've to wait it's my Christmas gift )


Jean-François Legrand, France [11/18/03]


I received the camera today, it was worth the wait. I can't wait to use it, it it truly a work of art.

Charles Strizak, USA [11/12/03]


I have received the camera yesterday in good order. I am very happy with it and I shall enjoy it.
It's beautifully and well made.
Kind regards,
Yagiu from Japani

Yagiu from Japan [11/9/03]


I bought a Zero 6x9 multi-format pinhole camera a few years back now, but have unfortunately not used is as much as I should, being more busy with my painting and other artistic endeavours. Recently I\'ve picked up my cameras again, and I must say it\'s a wonderful, and not to mention beautiful, little wooden box, capable of truly fascinating results.

Getting back into photography, I\'ve just bought a \"new\" classic medium format camera, will soon get a 4x5 one, and I\'ll also be ordering a 4x5 pinhole camera from you to get those big, wonderful pinhole shots.

I\'ll soon be submitting some pinhole shots for your gallery as well.

Great cameras, beautiful design and materials, great to use, great to collect (although personally, I like to collect things I can use).

Keep up the good work not only to keep pinhole photography alive, but also bringing it to an entirely new group of creative photographers.

Best regards

Hakon Soreide

Hakon Soreide, Norway [11/4/03]


October, 2003

i just pick up both my camera\'s from the post office ( a zero 2000 and a 75b ) and couldn\'t wait to open the packages . everything was wrapped very well with plenty of bubble wrap . The cameras are perfect , they feel right in your hand and operate smoothly . these cameras are going to be a real treat to work with and thank you agian for your email corrospondence to make sure my order was right . i will be sending you some examples of the pictures soon .

Tim Conner, United State[10/10/03]


I have just received my camera. It looks fantastic, I can't wait to start using it. Many thanks

Shelley Doolan, UNITED KINGDOM [10/20/03]


just letting you know the camera arrived today safe and sound, looks great cannot wait to put it to use.Will send you some images soon and then there will be a representitive from New Zealand on the gallery.
Thanks so much,

RObERt HArt, New Zealand [10/10/03]


The cameras arived in perfect condition. It was great doing buisness with you and I will send some pictures for the gallery as soon as I've made some.



The camera is beautiful (yes, it arrived)! I plan on using it this weekend. My husband started taking pictures with it last night; he's fascinated by it!
Thanks so much,

Elaine, USA [10/10/03]


September, 2003




As you know when I received my 4x5 multiformat I was so impressed by the quality of the materials and workmanship I placed an order for the 6x6.

John Lowen, USA [9/17/03]


I received your camera on monday (3 buis. days after shippment). It's really a very nice product !
Nice to use and the results are fine.
I'll speak of your camera on the french photo forums.

Thank you for all !

Claude Eichel , France [9/9/03]


July, 2003

I purchased your 4x5 multi format camera in late June, and in 30 years using 35mm and digital formats, I have never enjoyed photography as much as I do now.

The camera is beautiful, the shipping speedy, and the experience using it: sublime.

I'll attempt to attach two photos for your gallery.

David Cope, CT, USA [7/31/03]


The 6x9 multi-format camera arrived in good condition and its initial quality is exactly as represented in your web site. It is reassuring that this new form of commerce(the internet) can work as well as it does because of the honesty of businesses such as yours. The shipping was very fast and the instructions were very informative.
I am new to pinhole photography and I look forward to experimenting with the camera soon.I'll let you know how things turn out. Regards,Stephen.

Stephen, USA [7/30/03]


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The camera has arrived at long last and looks beautiful. I can't wait to go out and use it! Thank you for your service.

Amy Eshoo, USA [7/23/03]


I'm happy to let you know I'm amazed the camera already got home!!! It is pretty a wonder thing to look at, to touch, feel ... and more.
Unfortunately I won't be able to take any picture today but will be tomorrow.

Many many thanks for all.

Pablo Kolodny, Argentina [7/12/03]


i got my cameras they are beautiful! i am very happy and have already started to take pictures.

lastly i hope you keep me notifed as to any new cameras you develope. you can certainly count me in for two. honestly this is a pinhole household now with a total of three(1 4*5, 2 6*6)of your cameras. thankyou so much. my partner majored in photography at UCLA University... i'm a novice. i must commend you of how well the settings scale of the back works! thanks for making me look good.

Martina Wilson , USA [7/23/03]


June, 2003

As always, a worry dissolves in minutes when you share it with someone. Yesterday the camera arrived and it is very beautiful! You have created a wonderful peace of work and I am looking forward to developing the roll of film I exposed with it.

Bye and thanks!

Ralf Hetzer, Germany [6/15/03]


May, 2003

I have just received my camera, thank you for your prompt delivery of it. It is beautifully constructed and I look forward to taking images from it.

Many thanks

Felicity Spencer, United Kingdom [5/3/03]


I wanted to let you know that the pinhole camera arrived today, safe and sound. And I must say it's every bit as beautiful as the pictures. Superb craftsmanship. It really is a work of art. And the packaging was excellent too. All in all, this camera is a real treasure, and I look forward to using it. If I get some good photos, I will send them to you for your gallery. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you again. Sincerely,

Malcolm Glass, USA [5/2/03]


April, 2003

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for a beautiful camera... the packaging and shipment was of \"Apple\" quality- very elegant. Even better are the instructions and exposure guide. Thanks again. Marc

Marc Oehlman [4/21/03]


My camera arrived yesterday...the finish is much nicer than the ones I purchased last year.
You can mail the name plate when it is back from the hurry.



I have received the cameras today. They really are beautifully made and I'm very much looking forward to working with them. Thank you very much for the excellent service! I'd buy you a drink if you were in Yorkshire,

Pat, United Kingdom [4/2/03]

March, 2003

Just recieved my zero 2000 camera. All I can say is WOW, looking foward to trying it out. Very fast in recieving it.Thank You from Portland,Oregon.

Dean Turner, PORTLAND [3/14/03]


I wanted to let you know that the Zero 2000 arrived today. It is beautiful. Thank you for the fast shipping. I will send some images for the gallery once I have time to make some new images.

Erik Lukas, USA [3/25/03]

I received my Zero 2000 6x6 camera yesterday. I cant believe how small it is. I have a pin hole camera from another company, and it is so big and clunky.The camera is beautifully made,you should be very proud of your work.Also you packaged the camera so nicely, you dont see that with other companies.I would definitely purchase another camera from you again. You have high quality workmanship in your camera\'s.It\'s a work of art! As you can see Im am very happy with my purchase.

Debbie Slack, USA [3/5/03]


February, 2003


John Evans, United Kingdom [2/5/03]

January, 2003

Just wanted to thank you for your very prompt service - the pinhole camera arrived a couple of days ago - beautifully packaged and in perfect condition. Can't wait to have a go!

Tessa Bunney, United Kingdom [1/24/03]


I just received the camera. Thank for the ultrafast shipping!
The camera is beautiful. Quite a change from the cardboard and tape boxes I've always used.

Houman Zolfaghari, Canada [1/14/03]

I would just like to let you know I have received the order for the 4x5 camera today. The quality of it is much better than that I expected and I am very happy to own it. It is one of the best pinhole camera i have seen. Now I can't wait to get the other camera that I ordered. Thanks.

Chen, Canada [4/18/02]



Thank you very much I have all today camera is beautiful.

Best Regards.

Pawel Kanicki, Germany [4/11/02]


This is a great product and already have begun playing with it. I was amazed at how fast it got to me (5 days!). This camera is worth every penny. Keep up the good work.

Jason, USA [4/3/02]


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Zernike Au, President

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